IGN confirms keyboard support for Wii

Among the many updates contained within the most recent firmware for Wii - including a lovely digital clock and some changes to the Wii Shop - comes the surprise news that USB keyboards can now be used to type entries into some Channels.

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jinn4065d ago

is it me or does anyone really care?

jigaman4065d ago

because I'm sick of typing with the Wii-mote. I used the text function to help speeds things up, but its still annoying. Kudos to this confirmation. I will be getting a keyboard.

unsunghero284065d ago

That's INSANE! If they add Internet channel support it'll be absolutely perfect...

MewMew4065d ago

there's already a report on this...

Ahahaha! *Meeeooooowwwwwtrue-tastic!*

RelloC4065d ago

this is pretty much a standard requirement now.

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The story is too old to be commented.