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Submitted by KingJFS 2016d ago | news

Yogi Bear to steal pic-a-nic baskets on DS, Wii

Gaming Target writes:

"He's smarter than the average bear and this Winter (when he should be hibernating!) he'll be coming to the DS and Wii courtesy of D3 Publisher. That's right Ranger Smith, D3 has announced they'll be publishing the video game adaptation of the upcoming CGI/live-action Yogi Bear movie. In development by Monkey Bar Games, the game will likely be released to coincide with the movie's December 17 opening." (Nintendo DS, Wii, Yogi Bear)

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Pedobear Rocks  +   2016d ago
Yogi Bear is
a freakin' noob.

Tuxmask55  +   2016d ago
Hey mister ranger sir!

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