PS Move hands on preview with Sports Champions

Dualshockers: After watching Star Wars some kids prayed for the day they would get a motion controlled lightsaber video game, after watching Rocky some kids prayed for a motion controlled boxing game, if you happen to be that kid who watched Forrest Gump and was praying for the perfect table tennis simulator then your prayers have been answered! Table tennis is just one of several sports based mini-games included in the upcoming PS Move title: Sports Champions. Check out this video to see the game in action and to hear my thoughts on it.

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Nicaragua2754d ago

Looks like a major step up from the sort of thing you get on the Wii. What are the other mini-games like ?

Games4M - Rob2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

There is bowling, frisbee, archery and also (i think) golf.

I'll be honest though i didnt try any of the other mini-games. I spent most of my time with the game wupping the ass of my mate at table tennis. Its seriously addictive and it dosnt feel like its left to chance whether or not you will hit the ball. Just look at some of the hand movements i make in the video, the game really does track them 1:1 for spin shots or little chip shots over the net.

Cloudberry2754d ago

Great footage.

The 1:1 track really impressive.

Christopher2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Frisbee Golf (aka disc golf)
Table Tennis

The table tennis game is the only one I've been interested so far. I'm still not sold on the whole package, though.

ActionBastard2754d ago

Isn't that arena battle game included?

Slient Knight 92754d ago

yes it is, it's the "Gladiator" game, which cgoodno has listed

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Ninferno2754d ago

bye bye wii sports resort.

iiprotocolii2754d ago

I figured they'd make something like this. Not that it's a bad thing because this is the kind of game that will appeal to the much younger crowd and parents procrastinating what to buy their kids. I think, even though the hardcore is included in the Move's crowd of gamers to attract, the casual crowd needs something to work with. Games like these will definitely play somewhat of role in the success of the Move when being aimed at the large population of both casual and hardcore gamers, even if it does seem like a regurgitated Wii Sports to some.

taz80802754d ago

I find it ironic that ping pong gets such a big nod, I still remember Rockstar making their ping pong game, who knew?

The ability to rotate the paddle is pretty cool and you don't need a peripheral for your peripheral like the Wiimote.

TOO PAWNED2754d ago

only move game for 2010 that interests me and i am going to buy. Speaking of specific for MOVE games of course.
Next year
Heros on the Move
Flashlight horror game
Ape Escape
are on my list.

Games4M - Rob2754d ago

No Heavy Rain ? No Resident Evil 5 ?

Resident Evil 4 on the Wii was pure sex and that was mainly due to them motion control scheme. Even though the story for Resi 5 sucks in comparison i cant wait to start popping zombies in the kneecaps with a Move controller.

Nicaragua2754d ago

Damn right ! Move has given me a reason to play resi 5 again, that game was one of my biggest dissapointments last year.

raztad2754d ago

havent played RE5 yet. So MOVE would be a good excuse to pick it up. Archery, Gladiator and Table Tenis look very interesting for some mindless, pick and play/let me waste 10 min gaming session.

TOO PAWNED2754d ago

I said MOVE specific games. Games that are built around Move. Games that only had Move added on them do not interest me. That includes RE5,HR, etc. I am going to play those with DS3, or i have already played some of thsoe and dot plan to play them again

thevokillist2753d ago

I can't wait for the PS Move and get a feel of its ability. This game looks fun, I can't wait for what is in store for us in the future of gaming with the Move.

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