PS3: The Ones To Watch

CVG has 7 Reasons To Hand Over Your Chrimbo dosh:

No matter what you say about PlayStation 3 (and its detractors say plenty) there's no denying it has some great looking games coming this Christmas.
In fact, there are so many great games coming at the end of the year that choosing most wanted was far harder a task than CVG expected.

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SuperSaiyan43940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

If you ONLY own a PS3 I guess you will have to keep an eye out for every PS3 game coming out this year...

But if you own a 360 then your in for a top treat of loads of AAA titles which are all exclusives.

Since I own both to be honest there are far too many 360 games out this year that are shadowing over my PS3 I might still get one game for it this year but I am more interested in:

Blue Dragon
Two Worlds
Mass Effect
Lost Odessy

I think Might and Magic is out this year as well and think its also a 360 exclusive.

The other thing is all the talk this year has been soley on Xbox 360 games and its been the 360 games getting all the top reviews and awards.

AznSniper3940d ago

well u have to admit the PS3 has a great 2008 lineup

San anto3940d ago

how off topic silly xbot *reports*

aaquib23940d ago

1.Bioshock is coming to PS3...
2.I played Blue Dragon and its some dumb game about 4 little kids running around.
3.I've never heard of Two Worlds so can't even comment
4.Halo 3...You mean Halo 2.5? I suggest you read TeamXBOX's 5 reason's why Halo 3 is a September release.
5.Lost Oddesey I've heard of, but haven't seen, so can't comment
6.GT5: Prolouge>>>>>&g t;>>PGR4 ANYDAY

PS3 exclusives THIS year:

Unreal Tournament 3
Ratchet and Clank
Heavenly Sword
Little Big Planet

And soo much more....

Have fun with halo 2.5, oh yeah, that's when your console comes back from repair.

VaeVictus3940d ago

Of all the games you listed, the only ones I even remotely care to play are Halo 3, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey. Blue Dragon was an absolute joke based on my time w/ the demo. Halo 3 while fun and definitely a purchase, is very much Halo 2 with polish. Lost Odyssey is the most interesting game to me on the 360. Mass Effect certainly looks cool as well.

The PS3 has as many 'quality' titles coming out this year as the 360. Next year it has a better lineup IMO.

Stop being a fanboy.

jay33940d ago

I totally agree. This years 360 lin-up is kicking the other consoles asses. But next year the PS3 is going to do the ass kicking!

jmare3940d ago

All those games for 360 that have been getting awards, most of them are multiplatform, meaning also on PS3. There were only two that aren't on PS3. Also they talk about 360 because it's been out for a year longer, so they are starting games on it. Not everyone though. Also they talk about no guaranteed HDD, and RROD, etc etc

Mu5afir3940d ago

This subject doesn't talk about the 360. Why would you respond with the 360 line up? Really, this is the worst response I have read in a while. You don't deserve 5 bubbles..


xfrgtr3940d ago

Stop lying, you don't have a PS3

Vip3r3940d ago

Why are you being a fanboy and bringing up the 360 and it's games? Get a life.

True Gamer King3940d ago

I agree with you 110%. The 360s line-up kills the PS3s. I haven't seen one definite buy for the PS3 all I have seen are, wait to sees or rents.

The 360 has a far better line-up, and that's, the only thing you can't deny!

Bring on the disagrees you sony fanboys!

s8anicslayer3939d ago

why do these god damn xbot's scavage any new ps3 post with the same bulltrap all the time? get a damn life, but when you insult them by making a 360 comment they ignore you or give you negetive feedback!retarts

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Odion3940d ago

Oh ya right now The first half of 2008 is PS3 land, Killzone 2, MGS4, and LBP, all before June. But after that? the 2008 holiday season will be something to see.

TriggerHappy3940d ago

the same thing can be said for the 360's line up as well, after halo 3, mass effect and all the other launch, what else do they have coming out ?

Here is hoping new games will be released from all parties at LGC this month and TGS

Mu5afir3940d ago

I agree to some extent, but you have to remember there are games that haven't got a "next gen" or sequel announcement yet. And they are some pretty "BIG" names at that. I am talking about God of War 3, Team Ico Project, Sly Cooper, Jack and Dexter and other games..

I am sure there are going be plenty of games coming out Christmas 2008.

MK_Red3940d ago

There are games for both consoles after first half 2008. PS3 could go with GT5, 8 Days, Afrika, Getaway and more while 360 has Alan Wake, Too Human, Banjoo Kazui, Halo Wars and more.

This is too early to talk about that time but for now, both consoles have enough great games. (Bioshock & Burnout Paradise are all I really need plus a bit of Heavenly Sword & Assassins)

Relientk773940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

Two Worlds is coming out for PS3 as well (later) ... kinda like Elder Scrolls Oblivion .. same deal

one link for Two Worlds (PS3)

SuperSaiyan43940d ago

Link to your source? Fair enough if it happens no skin off my nose lol.

This year is looking top notch and yes for PS3 next year the first half is very promising same goes for the 360 as well.

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