Red Dead Redemption 2: What we want to see

CVG: 'The harsh and empty Wild West is an eerie place - and Rockstar has shown it can exploit this brilliantly seedy, unbalanced side to a once-romanticised tableau. Hopefully the studio won't go all 'clean' on us - and develop the more creepy moments in Red Dead Redemption 2.'

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CrAppleton2727d ago

I really dug the atmosphere that RDR gave off. It's not supposed to be like GTA with tons and tons of people running around every inch of the map. I think they did a great job.

ebgeer2727d ago

They did such a brilliant job on red dead that if they were to do it again would be duplicative. If they are going to do anything, create a new world. create an new place...don't do it over again. Really looking forward to LA Noir. Also, if they were to do it again, I would like to see it maybe later in the US history. Maybe the son of John's Son--distant that we could see how some of the things have changed...or visit Armadillo when it is a ghost town...etc. If they do it again, they need to make some major changes...liven up the world a bit is an incredible feat, but there needs to be something to alter the landscape.

Charmers2727d ago

I would like to see Red Dead Redemption articles not appearing in the PC section since there is no RDR on the PC but I get the feeling it isn't going to happen.

Darkfiber2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

How would it be 2? That's like saying "What we expect from Elder Scrolls: Oblivion 2". Stupid. Also, hopefully they just make a new IP but I know that's wishful thinking. Can be the same style but why is it so much to ask for a new setting and theme? One game is plenty for the wild west, considering the setting was pretty bland and empty. I don't think I would get another game like that.