Blast Factor developer talks about Sony, dealing with reviews, and using the Sixaxis

When the PlayStation 3 launched, there was a shooter released for the system called Blast Factor that showed that Sony was serious about downloadable games. The problem was that the game looked much like the 360 downloadable game du jour, Geometry Wars. Many gamers, weren't necessarily nice to the title. Since then, the game has added multiplayer support and an expansion called Advanced Research that gives the game a complete facelift. ArsTechnica has been playing Advanced Research, and think this is the game Blast Factor should have always been: it has much more personality and verve than the game that launched with the PS3. Andy O'Neil, President of BluePoint Games, was gracious enough to sit down with ArsTechnica and talk about launching, working with Sony, and those initial reviews.

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Lord Anubis4023d ago

Yeah, it was surprisingly straightforward. We'd already done a bit of prep work by porting the game to OGL from DirectX beforehand, but aside from one showstopper (at the time PSGL only supported Cg, not CgFX so we had to do some special work to control the renderstates from the shaders) you could consider it similar to porting from PC to Linux.

Moving some of the multithreaded particle code onto the SPU's was a bit trickier, but the results were definitely worth it.