Maya 2008 gives boost to PS3 and Xbox 360 developers

This latest Maya release is emphasizing reliability and efficiency instead of flashy new features, a wise choice for a high-end application. The workflow for polygon modeling has been streamlined and is supposedly more efficient, and a few tweaks have been made to the way polygon tools work. The performance of many of the tools has supposedly been increased, and rendering is now faster as well. DirectX HLSL shaders are now supported, which is good news for PS3 or Xbox 360 developers, and Maya's character animation has also gotten a bit better. Like I said, none of these are groundbreaking changes, but Autodesk seems to be doing a good job of streamlining a mature product.

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jlemdon3941d ago

I bet they're on 7.5 now.

Lord Anubis3941d ago

I have 8.5 but I can't seem to create anything useful.

Geohound3941d ago

How is it, has the GUI been simplified a bit this time around?

ShiftyLookingCow3941d ago

as one of the commentators there mentioned, how does DirectX HLSL benefit PS3? its similar to nvidia's Cg but I thought Maya supported Cg 1-2 years back.

MK_Red3941d ago

Hopefully we can see much better and more realistic characters and effects in PS3/360 games.

DJ3941d ago

I tried Maya out for a while, but the tools and interface seemed way too convoluted compared to Lightwave. Right now I use Lightwave 8 and 9, version 9 for modeling and version 8 for rendering (the render plugins I use only run properly on 8). With FPrime 2.1 I can render about 20x faster than the native renderer (as well as rendering systems from Maya and 3DS), and since Modelor and Layout are separate systems there's no trouble involved with using both versions at once.

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