Sega's PS3 horror game "Imabikisou" first trailer

Sega has released the first trailer of Imabikisou, a horror adventure game which is currently in development. It has been announced for the Playstation 3 only. No other details are available. Hit jump to trailer.

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DrWan4030d ago

Interesting, 10/25/2007 Release date in Japan. We need all the games we can get, i say bring them all over to the US.

Violater4030d ago

As much as I am displeased with Sega, (mind u now from the days of the dreamcast) I think the PS3 could do well with a title like this.
I hope we get a Fatal Frame game soon.

Chobits4030d ago

omg i lurvvv horror games, there so sexy.
i hope they make ProjectZero 3 cant wait

Premonition4030d ago

What if someone made a Horror hentai game :)

Phantom_Lee4029d ago

Im very sure there are already Horror Hentai games~

nirwanda4030d ago

have finally got around to making night-trap 2

ALIEN4030d ago

I didn't know japaness like horro games.

ShAkKa4030d ago

yo thanks for Nariko i`ll take good care of her.

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The story is too old to be commented.