Stranglehold: Eurogamers First Impressions

Today's demo shows off the entire first level of the game, bringing Chow Yun Fat through the astonishingly mean streets of a Hong Kong market area. As you probably know by now (and if you don't, you could always swot up with our in-depth preview), Chow reprises his role as Inspector Tequila from Woo's 1992 action classic Hard Boiled. In real terms, this translates into two things - paper thin plot, and a hell of a lot of slow motion, dual-fisted action...

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Sayai jin3995d ago

Stranglehold was a blast to play. I like the movement of the game. You can dive side to side, backwards, forwards you have a technique called Tequila time that slows down everything while you move so you can make ccurte shots and move faster than your opponents. You also have techniques like barrage nd accurate shot. There is points in the game where you ar in a gun stand off and the camera goes 1st person and you have to dode the bullets in front of you (Matrix Style)and return fire. You are able to slide down or run up a stair well while returning fire. Some say it is a Mx Payne rip-off, but I never played Max Payne and I do not think Max Payne had all these features from what I read about it. Watch the video of it when the demo is over the mult player could be a big sleeper!!!
I was not even going to get this game, but damn Jon Woo is one bad mother..... With all this said I think the graphics could be better.

Arkrite3995d ago

Couldn't agree more superb demo