Six cool things to do in the Stranglehold demo

The Stranglehold demo is a veritable buffet of cool moves to try out, but we thought Arstechnica point out a few things you absolutely have to try while you're playing.

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Xeoset3699d ago

...*Jaw drops*

I'm going to download it ASAP.

Systematrix3699d ago

Yeah, I can't wait to get off of work to d-load it! Sounds like a lot of fun.

DG3699d ago

This game is ridiculous!!! When you download it and finish the level take a look at the multiplayer video it looks amazing. I havent had this much fun with a game (let alone demo) since I can remember playing video games.

InMyOpinion3699d ago

Is the demo out for the PS3 as well?

socomnick3699d ago

Im sure they'll release the demo on psn later.

AllroundGamer3699d ago

the demo is cool, i always shot enemies in the crotch with the precision aiming :D played it 3x now to unlock all features. But i had som problems with the automatic sliding over objects, i would prefer a manual per button slide :) also the shadows on the faces looked sometimes real bad, but overly it will be a good sequel to Max Payne.

s8anicslayer3699d ago

i am downloading this demo right now

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