Halo 3 bags of goodies: Maps, Weapons, and Wildcards analysis

A detailed analysis of the new equipment, vehicles, weapons and maps which include:

Flare: A piece of equipment that blinds anyone who sees it (the range is unknown to the public). They do say, though, that it will blind long enough to allow you to get close to an enemy if you have a short range weapon and are not at short range. Clearly this tool could cause complete madness in close spaces. Introducing the blind kill.

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RBlaze3940d ago

It is 100% certain that there is a 4th grenade! The reason why this is certain, is that in the E3 video, for about half a second, (in the top left corner grenade section), there are 4 items, ie FOUR GRENADES. If its in the gameplay parts of the video, it must be in the game! Anyway, thought i'd point that out as people have been telling me there is no evidence of a fourth grenade. I wonder what it'll be for?...

Alpha Q 55553940d ago

The fourth grenade is shown at the 50 second mark of the video.

ParaDise_LosT3940d ago

Awesome! :D Halo keeps getting better and better :o

TriggerHappy3940d ago

Interesting details in the article.

mintrieri3940d ago

After reading Edge Magazine which revealed the details of The Forge, Halo 3's multiplayer map-modding and sharing tool, I am more excited than ever! Also, the user-generated movie tool sounds amazing because you can learn from the strategies of the best players by watching some of their games.

These are trully amazing next generation features.

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