"Bourne" video game departs from script

With "The Bourne Ultimatum" grossing $69.3 million in its first weekend and delivering the biggest August opening ever, surely someone would want to transform it into a similarly hot video game. What game publisher wouldn't want to ride the coattails of its huge marketing campaign?

But, oddly enough, there's no "Bourne" game in sight, at least not this year. And the one that Vivendi Games has up its sleeve for a mid-2008 release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is no "movie game," its developers insist.

"Games for next-generation consoles take longer than movies to make -- two years and sometimes longer," Valdez says. "We knew we didn't have enough time to build a quality 'Ultimatum' game and come out with it at the same time as the movie. So we decided to do things differently, something new." says Emmanuel Valdez, chief creative officer at High Moon Studios, Vivendi's San Diego-based internal developer, which is building the game titled "The Bourne Conspiracy."

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Siesser4066d ago

Given how drasatically the movies departed from their namesakes, you really can't be surprised if the games follow the same path.

DTClown4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Maybe finally a "movie game" won't suck from being rushed out too early. I don't know why developers consistantly push that crap out just so it gets released when the movie does. I mean hell, it's not like everyone who sees the movie is going to see it on the first night. I think if developers were to time the release of the "movie game" with the DVD release instead, it would give them plenty more time to make a quality game that MORE people would want to buy.

just my .02

VirusE4066d ago

Is that a bad thing or a good thing I am on the fence on this one? I still haven't stopped laughing about the staircase scene in the first Bourne movie. That part was so bad and so unrealistic I honestly stopped the movie and hit rewind just so I could have a second laugh. Possibly the worst scene in any movie.

xg-ei8ht4066d ago

Can someone explain to me what is so good about these films.

I watched the first one, but tbh found it dull.

The departed was the best film i've seen matt damon in.