Previews: Mercenaries 2: World In Flames

It really is going to set your world alight.
Here in the heat of the South American jungle, the air is thick and oppressive. Exotic birds flit between the trees. Wildlife rustles on the floor. It's a beautiful scene, marred only slightly by the two whacking great tanks blowing the treads off each other...

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crunchie1014066d ago

Judging from the screenshots, the PS3 version will hopefully be on par with the 360 verion (which looks like the lead platform), unlike SOME multiplat games *cough* the darkness, madden, double agent *cough*. If anyone has any links to videos of the game running on PS3 thougt, that'd be grand.

JewyMcJew4066d ago

Are we taking bets how long it will take for Hugo Chavez to condemn this imperialistic-neo-con-zionist- smells-like-satan propaganda machine? :)

From the video previews, Merc 2 suffers from the exact same giant flaw; pop-ins. Let's hope they fix it because having a water tower just appear out of nowhere is somewhat distracting.

Other than that, Merc 1 was the best sleeper hit... so under-appreciated!!

DG4066d ago

Yeah I went and rented Mercs1 to see what the hype was about. It would be good but the game keeps freezing my 360. It looks like crap but the game is fun.

JewyMcJew4066d ago

Yeah, I had the same problem. The backwards compatibility patch is flawed.

MK_Red4064d ago

Yesterday I lost a lot of interest in this game with the news of it being without blood, violence and any other material. The devs in Pro-G interview said that they don't want "hardcore" stuff in their game.