Nintendo Takes Eight Out of Top Ten

Nintendo fever has definitely taken a strong hold over the UK marketplace right now with the company that once struggled to even make the Top 40 at times now grabbing a massive eight out of the top ten spots on the All Prices chart! And only one of those is a non-Nintendo-published title…

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djt234023d ago

people over eur or uk like the ds so i understand if they like the wii too.
i have to say is eur is sony land, i am glad that Nintendo is doing well over there.

PS360WII4023d ago

okay so Wii keeps getting games in the top ten in all the territories yet people still say no Wii owner buys games... I don't get it.

ItsDubC4023d ago

Totally agree w/ u there. Ppl are just grasping for ideas to denigrate the Wii regardless of what factual data such as this conveys.

4023d ago