IGN: StarCraft II Wings of Liberty Review

"Blizzard wasn't trying to do anything drastically different with StarCraft II. Much of the core gameplay of the original has been preserved, yet with plenty of tweaks, additional units and new abilities for veteran players to toy with and devise new approaches to competitive battles. Anyone intimidated by the notion of playing against live opponents will find a lot to enjoy, with a fantastically presented single-player campaign featuring impressively varied mission design supported by a memorable, though often cheesy, cast of characters. Then, if you're feeling courageous, the notion of venturing online is made more appealing by's automated ranking system that frequently matches you up with opponents of similar skill level. It's not a step forward for the genre, exactly, but StarCraft II is still one of the most polished, finely crafted and well presented real-time strategy games available."

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Colonel-Killzone2853d ago

StarCraft 2 seems to be a big contender for game of the year. ^_^

-Alpha2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Hey you changed your avatar from that ugly guy finally :P J/k lol.

Yeah, I want SCII though I've also considered getting Mass Effect 1 for the last month of summer. Definite GOTY contender and likely winner. Though truth be told GOTY is so arbitrary considering everyone seems to have their own choice.

Colonel-Killzone2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )


Well I'm not a expert on Pc gaming but I been seeing the review scores and it seem like it is amazing. I just bought Demon Souls today been enjoying it so far. Got owned by that big cyclops guy with the mace LOL.

Well you are right everyone has their own opinions on what their GOTY is so to each is their own ^_^.

-Alpha2853d ago

Bring back your old avatar, I was kidding :P

Speaking of GOTY, Demon's Souls was mine last year. Question-- do you see many people playing online? (Shadows, blodstains, etc).

The farther I go (last stage for me) the harder it is to find people.

It's a fantastic game-- until you beat the first boss you wont understand the satisfaction of that game.

D'oh, wait did you beat the first boss? I just remembered u have to beat him in order to start playing online.

Colonel-Killzone2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Nah he knocked my ass out in less then 5 seconds lol. Currently working on making my way back up there.

I will change back to my old avatar eventually lol. For now I like this 1 =D.

I don't know haven't been online yet. I was kinda scared because I heard people can come into your game and kill you lol.


Hehe alright bro thx for the tip. Yea I never understood what everyone meant by the thrill etc. But when I died Idk for some reason I was excited it truly was amazing for some reason. I already love this game ^_^

-Alpha2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

They can only kill u if u are in full body form. If u play in spirit form then u are fine. U can regain ur body after u beat the boss or find the Stone of Epheral Eyes (or something like that).

U shud be fine, ppl dont attack much or at all in the beginning. The game matches u with ppl around ur level and since everyone is new u should be safe.

If u want a hint to beat the boss:

Use fire. U shud find some throwable fire bombs, use them on the boss. Kill His small minions with some but use it to deal massive damage to his back when they disappear. Remember: be patient. I beat him my second time and it was a great experience. It's one of my favorite memories, next to hearing the intro music to Dark Cloud 2, seeing my first colossi, pushing triangle in GTA III to get into my first car, etc.

AndrewRyan2853d ago

A game like Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 gets a 9.5 while starcraft 2 gets 9.0?

Does not seem right to me.

evrfighter2853d ago

Great score. Though I get the feeling Starcraft was the first game affected By their new scoring standards. When the scale changes every review prior is no longer comparable. Pretty much means their scores are now just a giant clusterf*ck.

despair2853d ago


Seriously do not get ME1, it was way too much a chore to get through, great potential(as realised in ME2) but glitches, bland cut and paste environments, cumbersome inventory system and very boring repetitive gameplay really take a lot from the game.

SC2 is amazing it just one of those games that will last just like the original, just the Map editor is insane, people have already made early final fantasy RPG mods with full turn based and special moves gameplay.

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Johnny_Bravo2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

GOTY is going to one of these games.

In no particular order.

Mass Effect 2
Red Dead Redemption
Halo Reach
Little Big Planet 2
Starcraft 2

Its going to be a close call this year, so many great games coming out.

I would add GT5 to the list, but with the way gaming critics are today, a racing game winning GOTY is like the Bengals going to the Superbowl.

HydraxFFx2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is going to take it. As much as I think LBP2 deserves it.
@Spydiggity No, no I haven't but the first LBP is better then both Galaxy's and unless you think MM is going to make a extremely horrible mistake with LBP2, then they deserve GOTY. The concept alone of making any genre of game yourself deserves the damn prize. Heck you could probably make Galaxy with it.

-Alpha2853d ago

I'm sure GT5 will win in some places but I agree it will have a tough time winning. There is just way too much competition this year to crown any game the one sole GOTY.

Perjoss2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

For some reason most people refuse to accept that driving games just do not win GOTY awards, unless the driving is accompanied by some other gameplay like Just Cause or GTA. Going round a track repeatedly trying to beat a lap time is only fun for some.

Spydiggity2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

you haven't even played LBP2...

also, everyone seems to be forgetting about Portal 2. If portal 2 is half as good as the first, it's going to be a huge contender.

T9X692853d ago

Portal 2 doesn't come out until next year. We are talking 2010 here, not 2011.

I havn't played LBP2, but I've played LBP and judging by the videos, LBP2 is going to be an amazing game. I have no doubt in my mind LBP2 is going to be a contender for GOTY.

Gamehead362853d ago

god of war 3 hellllloooooo

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Riddicrash2853d ago

I wish I had the money to get it...
Anyway, I'm just back from the watching the review on Youtube and everyone is complaining that the score isn't good enough, it got a 9, when did 9 become a bad score? :O lol!

mrv3212853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

OFF-TOPIC: Did you win anything from the star trek swag thing (assuming that's why you have the avatar),

On topic... 9 became a bad score when IGN gave mediocore games 8's

EDIT: I had the same Avatar for about a month, my current one is for swag I don't even know what; In about 3 weeks I'll change it back to a co-op or giantbomb one...

We aren't spoiled, we are fanboys. If KILLZONE 3 receive 9.0 and Halo Reach a 9.1 there will be hell to pay. Thank god giantbomb doesn't do 0.1's etc... seriously how much better it a 89 than a 88 out of a 100

Riddicrash2853d ago

OFF-TOPIC: Nah, I never did, I don't even remember what it was for (Perhaps a Star Trek Online key?), I just never got round to changing it back lol :P

On topic... I remember years ago when 9's were held for the best games only (I sound old, but I'm not, I'm only 20 lol :P), when 9 becomes a bad score thats when we know we are spoiled for choice :O

Cheeseknight282853d ago

Considering how many 9.0s they've given out these days, I expected no less than a 9.5 (Which in my opinion it deserves. Then again, the only RTSs I like are Starcraft and Warcraft III, and now Starcraft II).

Typically the average score for IGN is a bit lower than the overall. Here, the average is quite a bit higher.

OpenGL2853d ago

Right when IGN started bitching about the game feeling the same, just after giving Super Mario Galaxy 2 a 10.

TooTall192853d ago

I have never played a Starcraft game before, but I'm still holding my own online for now. I just decided randomly last week to get this game, and I'm glad I did. Best $60 I've spent in a long while. It should be at the top of your list for games to play.

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Trroy2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Feh. Its a 8.5, tops. Its good, but... 9.0 its not, IMO.

Then again, I've been soured on RTS games since.... hmm since StarCraft 1 actually. Maybe my lack of playing any RTS games since then makes it seem like the genre hasn't changed at all in all this time.

That and... okay my PC sorta sucks. 7900 Ultra. =( Would having a 285 GTX, or somesuch, really improve the game that much?

The real killer2853d ago

IGN is still based, man this game is at least a 10 :)

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