Warhawk Preview : "Air Vehicles, Weapons/Nemesis"

Warhawk is Sony Computer Entertainment and Incognito's air and ground-based multiplayer shooter. While the game started out life as a fully featured single-player shooter that was to feature online elements, development took a massive shift in focus and the game became one of the PlayStation 3's most sought after multiplayer games.

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achira3943d ago

i saw gameplay footage on tv yesterday. i think they improoved the particle effects since the beta. cant wait for this awesome game.

heroman7113943d ago

wish i was selected to play in the beta

the worst3943d ago

i wish i was selected to play in the beta too
but i had it anyway
super good game

EZCheez3943d ago

In hindsight now I could never imagine how this game would be as singleplayer. Incognito dod the right thing by dropping it in my opinion.

San anto3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

What are the on foot battles like? Do u have a health bar or is it similar to call of duty etc.

Thanks crck and aiphanes.

crck3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Health bar with health packs you can pick up. But they are pretty rare. Same system for the vechicles.

aiphanes3943d ago

There is nothing like using your knife and cutting people as they spawn in a bunker! LOL

But the on foot...using the rocket launcher to take down a tank or warhawk is totally awesome. Everything in this game is awesome...Do not forget the turrent and AA guns too...they are killer also.

The beta was the most fun i ever had on my PS3, even after the freeze ups in the beta....

VaeVictus3943d ago

Hurry up and release it already. I canceled my blu ray disc version in favor of the downloadable version. My USB headset works fine. I have wanted this game more than any other, it is my game version of Adriana Lima.

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The story is too old to be commented.