Heavy Rain: Move Hands-on: "Much better with a standard controller"

PSU writes :"We like the fact that current Heavy Rain owners will be able to upgrade their version via a download to the Move Edition for free, but having spent some time in its company we’re still no wiser as to why Quantic Dream has bothered to make this interactive drama Move compatible in the first place?

If Heavy Rain had been built from the ground-up with Move in mind then our opinion would probably be much different, but it's clear that the implementation of motion-controls was merely an afterthought. Based on the two levels that we tested out at the recent PS3 Beta event, it just hasn't created the desired effect. Instead of feeling more immersed in the gameplay, all we could think about was how much better it was to play Heavy Rain with a standard controller."

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Omega42785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

"If Heavy Rain had been built from the ground-up with Move in mind then our opinion would probably be much different"

And people think I'm lying when I say that all "optional" Move controls are tacked on *sigh*

Hopefully this will open some peoples eyes.

That has been my point this whole time geez. You guys try and say Move got a bunch of great game like HR, K3, Socom 4 etc but watch when the same things are said about them too. You can't make a truly great experience unless you focus on one control method, cause you will end up limiting one of them.

Even if I had the number and worked for MS I wouldn't give it to you, in fact I would make sure you wouldn't stand a chance of getting a job with them.

@Shadow Flare
Obviously eyepet is enhanced with Move it never made use of the standard controller anyway so Move is adding buttons rather than removing them like games which are made for the DS3

D4RkNIKON2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

This game wasn't designed with move in mind, it was tacked on after. If it was built from the ground up with move in mind this would be a different story. Just because Move is optional in a lot of games doesn't always mean it will be tacked on.

@Omega, yeah and HR was already released. This is tacked on.. Killzone, Socom etc are in production and move is part of the development. Troll harder.

saint_john_paul_ii2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

still plays better than kinect, oh BURN!!!

BTW, I told you man, I want to work for Microsoft so i can show off my C++ skills and get a job at Redmond, give me the admissions phone number!

@Shadow Flare
he's just butthurt that not everyone is defending kinect for what it is... only a small percentage are defending it...

DigitalRaptor2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I agree. The only people still defending it are a small percentage of fanboys and those poor ignorant casuals who actually think it's a revolutionary thing, never before seen.

It's gonna be cringeworthy to see all the Breakfast news shows, reporting on how groundbreaking it is and how it's never been done before, whilst skimming over the EyeToy and PlayStation Eye.

It's already started (just watch the first 30 secs):

Weaksauce11382785d ago

Well, its a better game to try and sell the populace on sony made motion controlling than Lair was. It has that going for it.

stiggs2785d ago

It has become the defining term of immature fanboys.

Shadow Flare2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

actually eyepet has been significantly enhanced since its had the Move controller encorperated into it. So no, not "ALL" optional Move controls have been tacked on.

You seem offended that people think your a liar for claiming ALL games with Move control added to them are 'tacked on', despite not playing a single one of these games to pass such a bold statement

@Pope John
I've asked him about 3 times what games he's planning to buy for kinetc and he still hasn't told me

Shadow Flare2785d ago

maybe you should watch this preview of Socom if you feel Move has been "tacked on"

T9X692785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Move support for SOCOM 4 was tacked on, Zipper said it themselves. Not saying the Move support is bad, but SOCOM 4 was originally designed with the DS3 in mind. A year into development Sony asked Zipper to add Move support for SOCOM 4. Tacked on doesn't necessarily mean bad, but SOCOM 4's Move support was indeed tacked on.


And ultimately, Martin assured that Move is not the main control method in SOCOM 4, but rather an added and completely optional feature. "The Move implementation isn't being looked at as a core feature of SOCOM -- it's just an additional feature," he said. "The game isn't being made for Move, Move is being integrated into the game. You can play the game from start to finish with either controller."

There you go.

hiredhelp2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Shadow Flare
awsome vid m8

nycredude2785d ago

To be honest I think the Kinect camera is tacked on to the xbox 360.

IdleLeeSiuLung2785d ago

Most if not all of PS Move games are experiences that exist on the Wii. I fail to see anything new... might as well play my Wii. I already have it and it is available now.

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xskipperx822785d ago

It'a a good game but nothing to be jealous about. There are better PS3 exclusives out there.

tiamat52785d ago

Sorry people. Only an opinion. Have heard differently from other people that HR rocks with Move controls

Kamikaze1352785d ago

I wish they had worked on releasing the DLC they were telling us about instead of this crap.

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