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Heavy Rain: Move Hands-on: "Much better with a standard controller"

PSU writes :"We like the fact that current Heavy Rain owners will be able to upgrade their version via a download to the Move Edition for free, but having spent some time in its company we’re still no wiser as to why Quantic Dream has bothered to make this interactive drama Move compatible in the first place?

If Heavy Rain had been built from the ground-up with Move in mind then our opinion would probably be much different, but it's clear that the implementation of motion-controls was merely an afterthought. Based on the two levels that we tested out at the recent PS3 Beta event, it just hasn't created the desired effect. Instead of feeling more immersed in the gameplay, all we could think about was how much better it was to play Heavy Rain with a standard controller." (Heavy Rain , Move, PS3)

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Omega4  +   1852d ago
"If Heavy Rain had been built from the ground-up with Move in mind then our opinion would probably be much different"

And people think I'm lying when I say that all "optional" Move controls are tacked on *sigh*

Hopefully this will open some peoples eyes.

That has been my point this whole time geez. You guys try and say Move got a bunch of great game like HR, K3, Socom 4 etc but watch when the same things are said about them too. You can't make a truly great experience unless you focus on one control method, cause you will end up limiting one of them.

Even if I had the number and worked for MS I wouldn't give it to you, in fact I would make sure you wouldn't stand a chance of getting a job with them.

@Shadow Flare
Obviously eyepet is enhanced with Move it never made use of the standard controller anyway so Move is adding buttons rather than removing them like games which are made for the DS3
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D4RkNIKON  +   1852d ago
This game wasn't designed with move in mind, it was tacked on after. If it was built from the ground up with move in mind this would be a different story. Just because Move is optional in a lot of games doesn't always mean it will be tacked on.

@Omega, yeah and HR was already released. This is tacked on.. Killzone, Socom etc are in production and move is part of the development. Troll harder.
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saint_john_paul_ii  +   1852d ago
still plays better than kinect, oh BURN!!!

BTW, I told you man, I want to work for Microsoft so i can show off my C++ skills and get a job at Redmond, give me the admissions phone number!

@Shadow Flare
he's just butthurt that not everyone is defending kinect for what it is... only a small percentage are defending it...
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DigitalRaptor  +   1852d ago
I agree. The only people still defending it are a small percentage of fanboys and those poor ignorant casuals who actually think it's a revolutionary thing, never before seen.

It's gonna be cringeworthy to see all the Breakfast news shows, reporting on how groundbreaking it is and how it's never been done before, whilst skimming over the EyeToy and PlayStation Eye.

It's already started (just watch the first 30 secs): http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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Weaksauce1138  +   1852d ago
Well, its a better game to try and sell the populace on sony made motion controlling than Lair was. It has that going for it.
stiggs  +   1852d ago
Can we please retire the term "butthurt"?
It has become the defining term of immature fanboys.
Shadow Flare  +   1852d ago
actually eyepet has been significantly enhanced since its had the Move controller encorperated into it. So no, not "ALL" optional Move controls have been tacked on.

You seem offended that people think your a liar for claiming ALL games with Move control added to them are 'tacked on', despite not playing a single one of these games to pass such a bold statement

@Pope John
I've asked him about 3 times what games he's planning to buy for kinetc and he still hasn't told me
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Shadow Flare  +   1852d ago
maybe you should watch this preview of Socom if you feel Move has been "tacked on"

T9X69  +   1852d ago
Move support for SOCOM 4 was tacked on, Zipper said it themselves. Not saying the Move support is bad, but SOCOM 4 was originally designed with the DS3 in mind. A year into development Sony asked Zipper to add Move support for SOCOM 4. Tacked on doesn't necessarily mean bad, but SOCOM 4's Move support was indeed tacked on.


And ultimately, Martin assured that Move is not the main control method in SOCOM 4, but rather an added and completely optional feature. "The Move implementation isn't being looked at as a core feature of SOCOM -- it's just an additional feature," he said. "The game isn't being made for Move, Move is being integrated into the game. You can play the game from start to finish with either controller."


There you go.
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hiredhelp  +   1852d ago
Shadow Flare
awsome vid m8
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nycredude  +   1852d ago
To be honest I think the Kinect camera is tacked on to the xbox 360.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   1852d ago
Most if not all of PS Move games are experiences that exist on the Wii. I fail to see anything new... might as well play my Wii. I already have it and it is available now.
eggbert  +   1852d ago
woah, first two comments were trolls.
awesome N4G, awesome.
playstation_clan  +   1852d ago
or jealous xbox fans
xskipperx82  +   1852d ago
It'a a good game but nothing to be jealous about. There are better PS3 exclusives out there.
bjornbear  +   1852d ago
and I thought PS3 fans were the only plague here
tiamat5  +   1852d ago
Sorry people. Only an opinion. Have heard differently from other people that HR rocks with Move controls
Kamikaze135  +   1852d ago
I'm not surprised
I wish they had worked on releasing the DLC they were telling us about instead of this crap.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1852d ago
The implementation of Move into Heavy Rain is EXACTLY what people refer to as 'tacked on waggle controls', which is exactly what people DONT want for Move.

its not 1-1 motion tracking, its just following a little on-screen waggle command to get the quick-time event to do the right action. this is the kind of implementation that will re-confirm everyones opinions that Move is just Wii HD.
Unbiased_gamer  +   1852d ago
This doesn't sound like the Move is at fault here it sounds like the developers are confused about what the gamers want from it. I played the game (with my DS3) and the movements that they want you to do with the controller and it's analog sticks didn't always match up with what you where doing on screen either. I'm kind of shocked that they missed the ball so far off I mean opening a door should be an easy task and very inversive. Maybe they where trying to make the game more physical like an exercise game and totally missed the point of total immersion? Either way you choose to play the game I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I'm going to give it a play through with the new controls. BTW who said you have to stand up to play, this isn't the Kinect lol jk
snesfangirl  +   1852d ago
This doesn't sound like the Move is at fault here it sounds like the developers are confused about what the gamers want from it.<---when xbox gamers say that ina kinect article they get bubbled down..............

" not moves fault" right?
DatNJDom81  +   1852d ago
No its not move's fault at all
kinect is nothing compared to move. all the tech demos and all the live demonstrations confirm it.
rdgneoz3  +   1852d ago
@DatNJDom81 Hey, don't blame kinects live demos, its not like they stage some due to lag... http://cache.gawker.com/ass...
bjornbear  +   1852d ago
I have my controller =)
snesfangirl  +   1852d ago
i guess the sony fanboys can scratch this game off their move games list.

guess move isn't as great as the sony fanboys portray.
TheFreak  +   1852d ago
come on even a xbox fanboy will agree that move is looking pretty damn good
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Xof  +   1852d ago
I don't expect MOVE will improve the writing....
...so it should be little incentive for non-owners to buy the game, but for those of us who already have, it could be a good reason to dust off the case and pop the disc in again. I imagine with Move, Heavy Rain will manage to immerse the player in a way that it could not do with the storytelling alone. God knows the graphics are certainly up to par.
redDevil87  +   1852d ago
You got that from one game? A game that wasn't built from the start with MOVE in-mind? Talk about jumping the gun.
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Nathaniel_Drake  +   1852d ago
It's a troll even one small negative thing about Move, which is very rare, will jump on it like a 300 lb sumo
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clintos59  +   1852d ago
Look at these guys calling move a tack on which it is duh but what do u expect?
Its a smart move because obviously building heavy rain from the ground up with move only would have held it from potential sales because not everyone likes to use motion controllers for gaming.

Its like MS building the next halo game from the ground up to use kinect only. U really think the fanbase for halo would be happy? I didnt think so, & besides MS would lose alot of sales from doing such a move.

Think before u comment because if u dont u will look like a total moron bringing up things that are totally obvious. Besides even if the controller is better use for heavy rain, atleast the ps move works with it precisely unlike some other motion controller that has trouble & lag running shovelware lol.
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Cmoney  +   1852d ago
heavy rain is garbage...
put it up on ebay after waiting through cut scenes, whatta waste
theunleashed64  +   1852d ago
hi welcome to class and this is 360fanboys101 i'am your teacher mr.unleashed
now pull out your books called "why are 360 fanboys so stupid?" flip to page 1
named "360 fanboys are hypocrites" now what this chapter is about is 360 fanboys
being hypocrites such as omega4 or snesfangirl having the nerve to call something
"tacked on" or "not as great as it deemed" when the same can be applied to
kinnect? you see move is a tack on that actually works unlike kinect which has some problems like lag,unable to sit down,2 player only,sholveware,no core games,
150 dollars, and god knows what other problems microsoft is keeping from it's
fanbase & gamers or even the media. sure kinnect will sell but will it be better?
answer is no 18 months is a long time to wait for hardcore games so have fun waiting but it will be long really long! wait ok see you in class tommarrow be sure to turn in your homework it's called "how did i just get owned?".
Redlight  +   1852d ago
This place really is getting worse. The comments so far are a perfect example of why N4G is slowly, but surely, going down the tubes.

@ Whoever is running this place.
Read the comments in this thread at your next meeting. It's time to take serious action before it's too late.
Veneno  +   1852d ago
You're obviously a noob. It's been this way forever and N4G is as strong as ever. This is the way we like it. if you want Internet censorship, go to China.
Redlight  +   1852d ago
I rest my case.
labwarrior  +   1852d ago
Funny, noone likes MOve in hardcore games
As it seems
DelbertGrady  +   1852d ago
If Heavy Rain with its simple controls doesn't work well with Move imagine what FPS games will play like. I'm sure you'll 'pwn' everyone in multiplayer though ;)
Nicaragua  +   1852d ago
Motion controls were tacked on to Resident Evil 4 for the Wii and doing so made it one of the best games i have played

My point? Tacked on isnt always a bad thing.
jneul  +   1852d ago
actaully this is BS I played Heavy rain with move in Birmingham, yes it takes a while to get used to how you have to move, but it is so more natural than using a controller, when we all first started out on heavy rain it was hard to get the hang of the controls, but move makes it easier and does add to the game, so who are you going to believe a real gamer or some random blog??
also to knock on the door you don't have to do all that simply squeeze your T button hold up your move and make a knocking gesture, I found it simple, and I'm a girl...
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mcstorm  +   1852d ago
This is what I have been saying from the start
I have had a bit of stick for saying that Kinect will be better than move on release because all the games for Kinect on release are being made for Kinect and Kinect only where all the Move games have been made to use the controller and then had move added on which is pointless. Why are people going to buy a game and 2 moves to play a game that they can play on the 2 controllers they already have.
I think MS have got it the right way round with Kinect and Sony have got it wrong the need games just for move to show what move can do.
thor  +   1852d ago
It makes me so angry that rather than getting new "Chronicles" DLC or Quantic Dream's next game, we're getting a crappier version of Heavy Rain with tacked-on controls. Move is a discrace. Why can't Sony put developers to work on actual games and not fillers for their Move library? They did the same with Home, wasting an entire studio's time and effort for years, instead of letting them make games. I really hope that Move flops.
Hades1337  +   1852d ago
I don't think that Move is going in the right direction in this respect. The main aim of motion controls is to improve on the experience that you would normally have with a controller, but games like Heavy Rain and Killzone are perfectly fine with controllers. I don't really want to bring Kinect into the discussion, but it is being used for games that kinda suck with a controller, so it gives people an incentive to buy it to improve on the experience.

I'm sure that lots of people will buy Move to see what it can do, but from the original games that they've shown and the games that they have retrofitted the device with, I can't see it having a long lifespan.

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