Heavenly Sword - "Sexy Redhead. Huge Sword. Next-gen"

That's how Tameem Antonaides, co-founder of Ninja Theory, described Heavenly Sword to SPOnG when SPOnG caught up with him a little while back. Having put their mitts on the game to hack, slash leap, swing and... well, groin mash my way through a chunk of Heavenly Sword I can heartily agree with his synopsis.

Heavenly Sword, if you've not had your head battered by all the hype surrounding it, follows the last days of Nariko (the sexy redhead in question) as she seeks to fulfil her destiny and avenge her father. While she's at it, however, she's got the Heavenly Sword to help her out. It sounds handy (and it is) but unfortunately every blow she lands using it takes her a bit closer to death thanks to its awesome power.

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Violater4065d ago

"You might have heard Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden Sigma) boss Tomonobu Itagaki having a bit of a pop at the control system, saying "I've never played a good game where the developers put a big icon of the button you're supposed to press on screen". Well, he's at best misleading in his description, at worst just plain wrong."

Most who have actually played the demo can attest to that.

TruthBTold4065d ago

I have played the demo a couple of times and sure its short. But once it ends, it just leaves you wanting more, so you end up playing the demo again pretending its a new level. It's an awsome demo and thats just the beggining. I'm sure there are more interesting things after you beat up those guards that knowdown the door. I'm still trying to learn some of the moves so that way I can enjoy the long game more. It will be a great adventure game. Can't wait.

TLSBill4065d ago

I'm picking this up. I'm glad I've had the demo to play with ahead of the game comming out. Learing to counter is totally worthwhile visually.

INRI4065d ago

The only thing i dislike is the art style of her hair
looks like a kind of spaghetti or so