5 Questions at lunchtime: Media Molecule

The same 5 questions posed to different developers - this time it's Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet).

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Wolfgang1874030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

What a remarkably lame and pointless interview. This is my most anticipated game on the PS3 so far and these are the questions asked?

redmamoth4030d ago

..This is the one game that stands out from the rest as truly defining a new genre of MMO, and those are the questions they ask... WTF!!!

nofilter4030d ago

That was the intention. =) Media Molecule get serious questions all the time, everyone needs a little bit of pointless now and again.

popup4030d ago

..The 1st screen shot at the bottom would make a good wallpaper for my PS3 I think.

nofilter4030d ago

It is a wallpaper mate, at full 1080p resolution.

popup4030d ago

It is now :)

I did not really mean 'screenshot' as such, just referring to the link :)