Upcoming PS3 exclusive title cancelled ?

The latest Japanese magazine, Famitsu, has listed Project Psychic in the "abandoned projects" section. The game was first announced in September 2005 by by Taito. No details were released about the title since it was announced.

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TriggerHappy4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

But is news though, so is gotta be reported, is part of N4G contributors test, if your favorite game gets canned or a game gets canned, you still gotta report it.

Maldread4025d ago

True, you should still report it, so it`s good you did. Wonder how the game was though hehe ;)

AuburnTiger4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

This is news?? No info at all was ever mentioned about this game and now it gets is this news?? I could understand if there was some faint info or hell even a name, then it would be considered news. I'm sorry Merc3nary, but the only reason you reported this article is because you saw a opportunity to start another flame war or to try to get your NG4 score higher. (I seriously hope it's not about the score)

Omegasyde4024d ago

A game that no one has heard of canceled is "newsworthy"?

holy cow why not spam the site with all the titles that aren't getting exported to N. America as well?

Or even better titles that were coming to Europe and North America, but only came to Europe?

Don't these qualify under the same predicaments?
This article was more under the "flame bait" category.

Loudninja4025d ago

WHo would care about this game, it was not giving a name, a gerne, a pic, or any peice of news

Syko4025d ago

Yeah but Merc3nary knows that the title will propel this story to at least the 250 mark and possibly higher. All the PS3 fans will come in and then give the WTF is this game as seen here already. Oh well, they can't all make it to completion...I guess.

TriggerHappy4025d ago

thats not true Syko 360. News is news, if i had not posted it, someone else would have eventually.

Syko4025d ago

Oh I agree, I am just saying you didn't report because of the game. You knew the title would make people flock to this story like flies on poop. Nothing against you. Just funny cause everyone who has commented is like Who, What, When, WTF is this. LOL

TriggerHappy4025d ago

All part of a contributors intuition, after doing this for a while you just know whats gonna be hot!...:)

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PumPum4025d ago

A game no one never ever heard anything about.

heroman7114025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

@ pumpum
that was random. i also think your paranoid

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The story is too old to be commented.