See Sony's Banned PS3 Advert Video

Follow the link to see See Sony's Banned PS3 Advertisement which was banned for been too violent.

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TriggerHappy3723d ago

That is what they call violent ? l lol'ed

This is not even a video, is more a of a slide show..

KnowitAll3723d ago

The slideshow was so scary!! with 3 pictures, 3 pictures!!!!(Must I repeat myself? no but its fun) 3 PICTURES!!! and sentences popping out of nowhere! That got me good!! Sony should be ashamed of themselves for showing such graphic videos. Now show us some GTA4 killing some cops!!!

gaffyh3723d ago

here is direct video. Not even violent at all.

reaperxciv3722d ago

it was banned because it's a sucky arse ad

WilliamRLBaker3722d ago

that sucked......badly, the banned finger gun fight for 360 was much better....i couldn't even tell what that advertisment i just watched was trying to sell me...a naked dude in a bathtub maybe?

gaffyh3722d ago

I think it was banned because it says "I've killed for less", a few people have been killed for a PS3 console, so maybe they don't want to promote that quote.

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Loudninja3723d ago

I mena coem on, not a voilet thing happen, just still pics

TriggerHappy3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

My point exactly, this does not even qualify as a "slide show", media is got something against Sony.

Chexd3723d ago

i think it was likely the words like "kill" and then "this is living"

Personally i wrekon it should have been banned for being such a crap advert.

kurruptor3723d ago

Agreed. Pretty dumb advertisement, they should feel lucky it got banned.

Maldread3723d ago

Hehe yeah it was just like any Sony commercial, impossible to understand. But it wasn`t violent though.

Bordel_19003723d ago

Who ever banned this commercial must be a 60+ years old nun or monk or something.

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The story is too old to be commented.