Japanese Mag's Reviews - Everybody's Golf 5 Gets 100/100/95/90

The latest famitsu and Dengeki HP are in from Japan. Famits and Dengeki HP, Dengeki HP another leading magazine publishing joint in Japan, reviewed recently released games including: Everybody's golf 5 for PS3, Final Fantasy XII international for PC, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring OF Fates for DS, Wild Arms:Crossfire for PSP and more. Hit jump to find out the scores from the reviews.

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Tommie3875d ago

How can you give a simple golf game a 100? Are they f*cking insane! The probably just rated the game higher because of all the mini skirts so the little Jap pervs can watch it.

achira3875d ago

this game has nice graphic and nice gameplay why not ?

Shadow Flare3875d ago

Because as a golf game, its the best at what it does = 100

Vojkan3875d ago

That is the same question many Japanese ask when they see some FPS game(wont name any) gets high score. They don't like FPS, most of the westerners dont care about this kind of game, but the real answer is.

It all comes down to what is liked in certain countries and that is all that matters, and sales of course.

shysun3875d ago

Jap is an offensive term....please don't use it again!It's like using the "N" word,thank you.:(

popup3875d ago

Maybe they should have added a choice of weapons and given the players some Halo-style hats then?

Only then could it get a good review.

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Loudninja3875d ago

Just accept it, its a great game, nad people enjoy it,Its nto a simple golf game.

krackchap3875d ago

xbot run sites like kotaku ran a story how this game has no takers in japan.
this is the biggest selling game in japan kotaku and the biggest surge in ps3 sales since launch and guess what this game is getting great scores as well first from famitsu and now here.
btw xbots dont worry when the game comes to the states 1up and its whore EGM will give this game 3/10,so your time will come

SuperSaiyan43875d ago

Little girls with short mini skirts where you can move the camera around to 'certain' angles which do NOT assist in aiming at the ball?

Only in JAPAN.

Dont make me SICK!

r10003875d ago

"Only in JAPAN.

Dont make me SICK!"

Coming from someone who's name is SuperSaiyan4, that can only mean you like Dragon Ball, guess where that show is created. Only in Japan, but it makes you sick that they like a golf game....

power0919993875d ago

"Little girls with short mini skirts where you can move the camera around to 'certain' angles which do NOT assist in aiming at the ball?

Only in JAPAN.

Dont make me SICK!"

You are always entitled to your opinion.... but...

Your name is Super Saiyan... al la DragonBall Z. Which is a Japanese Anime where Bulma (one of the female characters) was originally scored as the "hot/sexy" girl on the show. I am also assuming that DBZ is not the only Anime you watch. It just seems so strange to be into any kind of Japanese animation, but yet bust on the same type of content in a video game.

How do you justify your statement? You are basically putting your foot in your mouth.

the_bebop3875d ago

Maybe you should try and watch some other Anime like Gundam and Robotech and not Sailor Moon.

Lord Anubis3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

what an idiot. It only shows you have never played the game. If you go around looking for that kind of stuff than Mina no Golf is not the game for you. Simply because Kotaku wanted to Generate hits by posting that stuff doesn't mean the game is about or encourages that kind of behavior.
Its simple to go into different game and show something similar. DOA gamers are perverted?

Kazumi will show a trillion times more than what Hot Shot 5 shows and only if you look for that kind of stuff in Hot Shot 5.

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popup3875d ago

It keeps him off the streets and safe at home clicking on them disagrees - ahhh!

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