Call Of Duty 4: Beta in a matter of days?

Recently released a brilliant preview on Mutiplayer COD4. Amongst the brilliant features being described was also this mention on the beta: "When we learned that we'd be spending our time playing the very multiplayer beta that everyone would be experiencing in the coming days"...

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BrainDrain3876d ago

I so want this game and can't wait for the beta. My anticipation is almost up there with Halo3:)

ALIEN3876d ago

This game will be awsome. Can't wait.

Mr Murda3876d ago

Previous installments of CoD have been good, but not exactly what I liked. I prefer modern weapons and modern environments, so this "SHOULD" be right up my alley. Looking forward to the Beta, so it will relieve some of my impatience waiting for Halo 3.

OoOLeafsOoO3876d ago

I am just wondering will the Beta be available in Canada, and if it will be, when would it be accessible to canadian gamers.

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