Witches: New Xbox 360,PC & PS3 Game Announced

Schanz International Consultants in partnership with Spanish developer Revistronic announced today a new action game for Xbox 360, PC and PS3 entitled Witches (working title).

In Witches players find themselves in terrifying dark surroundings in an epic struggle for survival in order to take freedom and peace to an oppressed medieval kingdom. Across a landscape of devastation, players manage a squad of Witches, sultry warriors that still resist the dark will of the Evil Lord and his horde of awful creatures and lead the rebellion against his satanic power. Above all, it is a game where teamwork is vital: all modelling, levels and scenes are designed to promote cooperative play.

more will be revealed at this years GC...

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PS360WII3969d ago

ha that pic ^^ I haven't watch Witches since I was a kid. It was a pretty good movie from what I remember. Ah good times good times.

Oh sorry games. I do enjoy a game with magic involed plus it's midevil times and co-op is it's main purpose. I'll be intrested to hear more and the screens look good.

The Real Joker3969d ago

Watched it the other day and it still is a good movie.

jinn3969d ago

how will you defeat the witches without the wizards?

Frulond3969d ago

I just saw these in IGN

Frulond3969d ago

my fave :p
it's dead sexy

sak5003969d ago

Dint know DJ was in it. NIce shot of DJ.

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