Medal of Honor: Airborne: The guns of World War II

How do the shooters in Medal of Honor: Airborne stack up against the real thing?
Games radar head into the desert to find out..

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sjappie3754d ago

the weapons we al have used in video games, in real life. Cool vids.

ben hates you3754d ago

you get to see them, i get to shot them, i own a kar 98, m1 garand, m1 carbine, and m1911, i've shot the 30cal machinegun they're quiet fun

sjappie3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

You might take someones eye out.

Oh and they're not quiet fun, they're loud fun.

Danielson3754d ago

These guys are crazy................

RelloC3754d ago

have we not beatin the WWII horse enough yet?