Official Vista "performance" and "compatibility" packs released

Microsoft still isn't commenting on when a beta of Service Pack 1 for Vista will be officially released, but the company has posted two updates that are expected to be part of that final package: the "performance and reliability" update and the "compatibility and reliability" update. These are official releases.

The "standalone updates" have been posted to Microsoft's support site, and users will need to validate their Vista installs via WGA to download them. A Microsoft spokesperson would not indicate when the patches would find their way to Windows Update, but the company confirms that these are not beta releases.

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WilliamRLBaker3876d ago

with stuff like this and SP1 vista adoption rates will go up, it was the same way with 98, and 2000, and me, and xp.

ANoobsJourney3876d ago

Come out with an update so that my xbox 360 vision camera works in my computer?

WilliamRLBaker3876d ago

article on how to hook up and run the live vision on ur comp.

BIadestarX3876d ago

I use 360 vision camera all the time...

VirusE3876d ago

I installed the beta and i honestly dont see much of a difference.

JosefTor3876d ago

I installed these and have noticed a couple things. First, I have noticed that boot up and shutdown times are slightly quicker. More materially though, I have found that on the benchmark Final Reality, (I think I'm the last person on earth who still uses this benchmark)that the bus transfer rate almost doubled!!! The problem is, this is still 66% slower then the transfer rate of XP (according to the benchmark).

bootsielon3875d ago

...that cures the ring of death?

Oh wait, wrong thread XD

No, but seriously. I'm really looking forward to buying a Vista enabled PC with Blu-ray and a beefy nVidia card. I wonder when will Vista be reliable, or at least more than my old XP PC?