Unreal Tournament 3 Interview: Creating Unreality

What do you do for a living? Butcher, baker, candle-stick maker? Some write words, some read laws, some sell goods, some build roads, some drive lorries... Chris Wells creates warriors.

His business card doesn't put it quite like that. It just says "Artist", and that's true, too - but Chris Wells' role in the broad field of Art is very specific. He crafts muscle and metal into aggression and strength. He creates warriors.

Presently, Wells is creating warriors for Unreal Tournament 3, Epic Games' upcoming high octane shooter - which is already being positioned as a showcase for the capabilities of the Unreal Engine on the PS3.

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aaquib23778d ago

I love Unreal Tournament, and the trailer for this game looks amazing! I downloaded it from the Playstation Store, and it looks incredible. The best part is, it'll practically never "end", because PC users are going to be creating mods for us PS3 users that we can play online :)

MK_Red3778d ago

Nice interview but I'm still waiting for more info on Singleplayer and story mode... I really hope its a follow-up to Unreal 2.

[email protected]3778d ago

I'm buy this... launch date without a doubt.