Halo: Reach Controller and Headset releasing this month, comes with free Avatar Prop Writes: "A posting on reveals that Halo: Reach's limited edition controller and headset will be releasing on August 17th. The limited edition controller is the same controller that will come with the limited edition Halo: Reach Console that will also be launching on September 14th."

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Kamikaze82850d ago

Thats one sweet controller.

muddy94942850d ago

I know right!? What is even better is that it comes with a free avatar item!

BeaArthur2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

I'm more interested in the Banshee. I'd pick one up if I needed a new controller.

Abstract3602850d ago

I think ill go pick one up when they are released. Avatar Prop and a controller that looks good!

Dread2850d ago

Do you know if you get the avatar if you pick up the halo reach 360 limited edition which comes with two controllers?

r1sh122850d ago

naaa..I love my xbox 360 but after all these years they could have sorted the stupid D pad.
I hope you realise they are just re-selling you something that you already have..
Why not just buy a modded controller?, if you want to keep buying controllers?
its not worth it.

Dread2850d ago

I agree that the d-pad is not the best in the market, but it is functional, and I rarely need to use it. For me the 360 controller is the best eva! regardless of the d-pad issue.

caffman2850d ago

it had a redesigned d pad for football games. But was fantastic for everyday use. Much more responsive than the regular pads