What Is Rage: The Tim Willits Interview - Co-op, Ferraris and more

After John Carmack dropped a huge bomb in the form of the id Tech 5 demo and the debut of Rage, the big question is...what is it? Is it a racer? Is it a shooter? What's the deal? Before Game Informer left QuakeCon, they had to find out, so Game Informer got the opportunity to chat with id Software's Creative Director Tim Willits about their new project to find out as much as they could about this mysterious project.

Game Informer: Will you be able to go through the whole single-player story campaign cooperatively?

Willits: See, there's problems with that. With Live or the PS3 network you don't want to play the whole game with someone else, because it's a 20+ hour game. You stop and start at different times, so we want to set the co-op to be more like WoW cooperative, where you can go and do missions together, some guy may have a mission you need to do so you can go help him out, so it will be more limited like that where the cooperative is more discreet. What that allows players to do is sit down, load up Xbox Live, find someone and go and do those missions.

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MK_Red3967d ago

The game looks really promising but the decision to make it a T rated game is really odd and bad IMO specially for a game with such atmosphere and the one that's based on ultra violent The Road Warrior.