Stranglehold Demo Now Available On Xbox Live

The demo for the videogame sequel to the classic John Woo film "Hard Boiled" is now available on Xbox Live:

Content: Stranglehold Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Not available in Germany
Dash Text: [ESRB: M (Mature) BLOOD,DRUG REFERENCE,INTENSE VIOLENCE] Play as Inspector Tequila in this single-player demo and engage in cinematic firefights, inspired by John Woo, blasting your way through a fully destructible Hong Kong marketplace.
Size: 1.28 GB

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SuperSaiyan43728d ago

1.28GB?? Well I guess we will have to see how the game is, might as well play the demo to feel what the gameplay is like.

I do like my destructable environments and this style of shooting but its a Midway published game and well we all know games they usually publish tend to be well..Cack...

Zhuk3728d ago

this game is shaping up to be pretty good imo, cant wait for when it's released

SuperSaiyan43728d ago

If you are at home please let us know what its like!

Sayai jin3727d ago

Take it from another Sayai jin Stranglehold was a blast to play. I like the movement of the game. You can dive side to side, backwards, forwards you have a technique called Tequila time that slows down everything while you move so you can make ccurte shots and move faster than your opponents. You also have techniques like barrage nd accurate shot. There is points in the game where you ar in a gun stand off and the camera goes 1st person and you have to dode the bullets in front of you (Matrix Style)and return fire. You re able to slide down or run up a stair well while returning fire.
I ws not even going to get this game, but damn Jon Woo is one bad mother.....

DG3727d ago

This game is amazing. Dont judge this game untill you play it. Im surprised no one made a game like this before. But it may not be everybodys style. Its a fast paced arcade shooter. I acutally have fun plaing this unlike most games now a days.

sjappie3728d ago

but it's stuck at 58%.

BIadestarX3728d ago

ahaha sjappie got a disagree for saying... you should know by now... a Sony fanboys will give you a disagree or negative feedback.. if you say anything they don't like about PS3 or PSN... true or not...

Sayai jin3727d ago

No not at this time. I will check later when I go on my PS3 tonight. What are you guys in here talking about the game, go an play it on the 360, well er er wait what am I doing here too I m off to play it on my 360!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.