Sleeker, faster, glossier iMacs launched

Apple has updated its iMac computers with a slimmer design, faster chips and glossy screens, hoping to further propel sales that already outpace the rest of the PC industry.

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WaggleLOL3756d ago

This is a gaming site, not a Mac fanboy site.

Mac crap has no reason to be here.

xhi43756d ago

I dont own a mac. I saw this, its a new "TECHNOLOGY" being introduced by Apple. Thus it belongs in the technology section...not the gaming section.

dfb19773756d ago

It's a good story and certainly one I was interested to read.

Good find

Neutral Gamer3756d ago

I agree with dfb1977, it's a valid article to submit xhi4. This site has many different sections and yet certain people seem to get angry every time a non-gaming story is submitted and even feel the need to report them.

I haven't submitted or commented on N4G for a few months but it looks some things never change with people like WaggleLOL above waiting for people to bite on his flamebait!

Yesterday the Mac sites and forums were alive with comments as the announcements were being made, but it looks like hardly any of the users on N4G actually care. It's a pity, I'm thinking of getting a new Mac and it would have been nice to hear fellow N4G users' views on it.

Anyway, keep up the good work mate! Cheers.

ben hates you3756d ago

never liked makes especially after college, i like my gateway with vista, works like a dream for me, i also hate apples marketing for the mac all they do is crap about pc

1337 gamer3755d ago

i realy dont know how people hate macs :S i have a pc and a imac and i find the imacs more user friendly (easier to use...) the only thing i use my pc for is gaming.