Project Gotham Racing 4 Preview

Gameplayer has posted an in-depth preview of Bizzare Creations' upcoming Project Gotham Racing 4.

" can see the droplets of water on the body of the car. This sounds silly until you see it yourself. It's an incredible effect. It's not just a 'wet car' texture stuck on the surface – you can see rounded little droplets sticking up from the body work. Hundreds, thousands of them. They flow together, trickling down the sides, gathering in little pools and disappearing. This is one of the most impressive effects we've seen Xbox 360 generate."

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power of Green 3941d ago

Dam those dudes got me up waiting like a kid before Christmas.

WaggleLOL3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Wow, do you think these guys might actually get a game to run at 720p this time? Or a game that isn't covered in jaggies?

These clowns could only get their little racing game to run at 1024 x 600 with massive amounts of jaggies.

While GT Prologue runs at 1080p 60fps...and absolutely humiliates even the bogus photomode PR shots these incompetent boobs put out to cover up how bad the actual ingame graphics look.

PS3 1920x1080 = 2,073,600 pixels
360 1024x600 = 614,400 pixels

The PS3 is pushing 3.375 times the pixels for a game that looks an entire gen ahead of this crappy racer.

sjappie3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

I haven't seen any gameplay videos of it yet ,I doubt it will look as good as those trailers, and I doubt it will be anywhere near as much fun as PGR will be. So you go play GT, then I will go play PGR4 and be very happy with it.

Nicosia3941d ago

Why the f8ck are you here? Move on, your just a trolling b8itch

WaggleLOL3941d ago

When a game like PGR looks so bad in actual gameplay, runs at a low resolution, and is covered in jaggies you have to ask:

Does the 360 hardware really suck THAT much?
Or is it Bizzare that is the one that sucks as a developer?
Or is it really THAT much of a nightmare developing on the 360 as the poor sods at Rockstar are finding with the 360 delaying GTA IV?

Or all of the above?

Nicosia3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Your just trying to nitpick everything, not because of the game but because of the system. People like you should rot in hell, you make hardcore gamers look bad.

Edit: Waggle that disagree button is nice aint it.

Here is teh truth how your mind works, if it aint on the ps3 its crap. Not that you have actually tried it, but its definitly crap. You praise ps3 games to death, but actually you never play them.

PS3 has great titels, X360 has great titels hell even the wii has some cool stuff. Stop being a corperate tool and play games.

TheMART3941d ago

Oh yeah we forgot...

That every game on the PS3 looks like a slideshow compared to the same games on the 360!

Watch it and you'll be cured forever from this strange Bottleneck 3 virus!

felidae3941d ago

are you really that stupid?

it's not sony's fault but the dev's - if they can't manage the ps3, they should leave the biz.

what do you say about games like Fight Night, Oblivion and Dirt? all of these games are running better on the ps3, and that's because the devs were able to get the ps3 managed! but who cares about that? people will play these games on the 360 and it won't be like "oh my god that looks sht". they'll have fun - and that's what counts.

i really like the 360 for what it is and if some games are running better on it ... fine. then i will probably get them for the xbox. for me, it's all about the exclusive games and sony's i like a bit more.

so what's the problem with you?

WilliamRLBaker3941d ago

isn't gt prolouge the game where its proven they use prerendered JPEG image backgrounds and not full 3d backgrounds?

I could be wrong, not sure...but that might explain why they can push it so far..

Nemesis3941d ago

Funny how your so quick to jump on the TheMART's back, yet you have nothing to say to the scrote who kicked this off in the first place. So where's your objectivity? Anyone can see this little turd deserves it.

Everyday we have to put up with idiots like him flaming about our system of choice. If you can't stand the retaliation against these gimps you should stay away from the 360 section.

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sjappie3941d ago

Can't wait to go online and ride some bikes.

CG3941d ago

GT5 is all about LOOKS.
The cars in GT5 look good because all of the processing power is concentrated on graphics. thats why GT physics, environment and everything else SUCKS.

Developers like turn10 (forza2) and bizare creation actually puts some processing power into gamplay mechanics but the funny thing is PGR4 will still end up better looking than GT5, and it sure as hell will be more fun.

So why dont you get the fvck outta here and go back to making love with your ps3 and sucking on sonys balls.

WaggleLOL3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

Love it! You are actually using the "gameplay is good cuz the graphics suck" damage control that is the bread and butter of Wii owners...

The crappy 360 graphics is actually turning Dreamcast 360 owners into Wii owners!

With the stupid 10 megs of EDRAM Bizzare should just stick to running at 480p since that is the resolution the crappy 360 graphics hardware was designed for. They could actually get decent 4xAA instead of having to fill the Net with bogus marketing shots like they did with PGR3 and are doing with PGR4.

Stick to a rez the wimpy 360 graphics hardware can handle guys.

I guess you have to give credit to Microsoft for giving crappy developers like Bizzare and Turn 10 a console where they don't have compete with AAA titles like GT and the fanbase will buy copies of their games regardless of how bad they look.

sjappie3941d ago

you were out of bubbles, good ridance @sswipe.

Quisp3941d ago

"The cars in GT5 look good because all of the processing power is concentrated on graphics. thats why GT physics, environment and everything else SUCKS."

It always amazes me how people have comparative opinions on games that havent even been released. How the hell do you know what Polyphony has put all the processing power into, with GT5? Other than a few screenshots, NOONE knows anything about the handling, environments, or even the finished graphics. You fanboys dont think much.


WaggleLOL , we all know you are a troll and to add to that you are a fool as well.

i have a ps3, i have GT HD, apart from the cars having no jags. it really does not have anything to show.

Considering that PGR3 was a Launch game and even running lower then 720p yet still managing to look as good if not better then most of the racers out there ( personally i prefer it even to forza ) you should be asking your self what PGR4 will do.

PGR3 was rushed for launch, now they are getting the time they want with it, you will see what it can really do.

Good luck with GT5, no doubt you will get lots of Half GT games out before you get the full game ( hopefully in 2012 ) after all the delays and constantly trying to add a "new" feature, cos another racer has just done something new.

before you ask me to prove anything my PSN id is; DARK-WITNESS.

fool !

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