Call of Duty 4: Multiplayer Hands-On

One intrepid IGN editor traveled to Encino, California, to experience the upcoming Call of Duty 4 Xbox 360 multiplayer beta firsthand. Only by playing in IW's modern war setting could he possibly understand the decision to abandon World War II...

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P4KY B3939d ago


I like the idea of putting camouflage on your guns.

P4KY B3938d ago

Smooth 60FPS.
This is going to be an exceptional game.

Its a shame that lots of people wont buy it because its not exclusive to one system. (you all know who i'm talking about)

Thump19673938d ago

This is gonna be a Halo killer

AngryHippo3938d ago

i dont think it will be a Halo killer due to the massive cult like following Halo has got, but in all honesty i am equally excited about both of these games and hope it gets the reveiws in deserves on all systems.

AngryHippo3938d ago

cant wait for this goddamn cool, the more i hear about it the more it makes me want to play it

God of Gaming3938d ago

My goodness this game sounds fantastic!

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