Telltale Games Interview - New Season Revealed

From Comic-Con 2007, Dan Connors and Dave Grossman sit down to chat with GWN, and consequently spill the beans about the new season of Sam and Max.

"Given your history of innovation and the recent announcement of Wii Ware, have you considered making anything for the Wii?

CSI is moving to the Wii and we are big Wii fans in general. Our games appeal to a different type of person, a different type of thinker. The Wii is like the Apple of consoles, except for now it's out-selling the other two. But Nintendo has always been the Apple of console games, and we like that idea.

We really want to bring out stuff to the living room because I think Sam and Max should be played by three or four people sitting around. They should be solving puzzles together and they should be laughing and having their drink of choice and just having a good time with it."

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