How to Cure the Grand Theft Auto Blues

Grand Theft Auto IV's delay leaves Holiday 2007 with a huge void. GWN's latest feature lists a handful of games that could replace GTA IV this holiday season.

"First up is Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, a sequel to Pandemic's 2005 free-form hit. Offering the closest in resemblance with gameplay, Mercenaries 2 is an open-world action title that now introduces planes."

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Bigmac5733967d ago

Get a girlfriend. It helps pass time, really!

Captain Tuttle3967d ago

Just don't get married guys...this ring is a f*cking prison.

Syko3967d ago

There are plenty of games on the 360 to hold me over, So it is not the end of the world in my book. Although I was looking foward to playing this. I don't mind waiting if they need more time to live up to the hype.

gunnerforlife3967d ago

not really i dont need anything too cure may GTA blues;) maybe except DMC4 that would do fine


I've rented several games from the GTA series in the past and have found the games reasonably fun with a good story,.. but to me the poor execution of the overall gameplay made it a little short of "worth buying" for me.

and with the precarious legal status of both Take Two, and Rockstar, (both companies seem to attract as much legal trouble as the games' own virtual protagonists) I've come to expect a little "shadiness" with their development process.

I just hope the new version will eliminate some of the shoddy gameplay mechanics of the past series,... perhaps they can learn a thing or two from Saints Row. (the stories have always been great however)

does the game even have multiplayer?

Anyway, we'll be playing Halo 3 four-player co-opt, so I doubt that we'll even notice.

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