In-game ads increase brand familiarity by 64 percent

According to in-game ad firm Massive Inc., ad units placed in video games significantly influence traditional brand metrics while also providing advertisers with a degree of cachet. A new study conducted by Nielsen Entertainment has found that across four prominent ad categories (automotive, consumer packaged goods, fast food and technology), brand familiarity increased by 64 percent among users who had been exposed to ads served by Massive, a unit of Microsoft. Furthermore, brand rating increased by 37 percent and its purchase consideration increased by 41 percent. The study also found that that average ad recall increased by 41 percent and ad ratings increased by 69 percent.

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Rattles3910d ago

this is wat is going to help make HOME big

Rooted_Dust3910d ago

I don't care as long as it's done right to resemble real advertising and not haphazardly pasted everywhere.