Two-toned DS Lite on the way

Nintendo's press machine has confirmed that a two-toned black/red version of the DS Lite will be made available later this month in North America.

The new Lite will only be available as part of a bundle with Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day, and will appear on 21 August for $149.99 (£75 / €111).

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bung tickler3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

if it doesn't have "brain age" plastered on the ds itself i'll buy one. my girlfriend has one and i have been waiting to get one for myself and i like how this one looks... i just HATE buying nintendo things cuz i know as soon as i do they are gonna release a smaller better hardware revision... nintendo why do you torture me so?

SuperSaiyan43878d ago

Nintendo haven't released a better one, this is just a different colour >_>

Nintendo havent released another revised DS Lite with better bits or a smaller one since the DS Lite launched.

bung tickler3877d ago

i know that this is just a diff colored ds lite, im just saying that it seems every time i finally give in a buy one of nintendos systems the launch a new version like a month later.