PGR4 for PC: Bizarre "More Than Capable" Of Doing It

Bizarre Creations has told CVG that there's only one thing stopping the Project Gotham Racing series appearing in PC...

The mighty Project Gotham Racing franchise has so far kept itself exclusively to the Xbox platforms. But how long will that last in the light of Microsoft's reenergised support of PC?

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bung tickler3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

so... M$... WHY THE HELL HAVEN'T YOU DROPPED THE CASH TO BUY BIZARRE CREATIONS YET? sigh... i know that doesnt have anything to do with this really, but i would HATE to see EA kill them...

MK_Red3971d ago

Right now, of all famous racing games, only NFS comes for PC along with the consoles (GTR series on PC are great but not that famous). If PGR goes to PC, maybe others like Burnout (EA) and Forza will follow.

360Sheep3971d ago

PGR4 on the PC.. but this time, with each track having day and night modes... interestng.

TheMART3971d ago

You dumb Bottleneck 3 cow

The rumour about night/day was shot down very soonish. The 360 PGR4 has dynamic weather effects, including dynamic sun/day&night visuals.

THere is no need for day/night textures/levels as the 360 can let the sun go down and come up as in real life for PGR4. Like they used in Viva Piniata. I guess you should read up and get yourself real info instead of spreading dumb posts.

The PS3 on the other hand has lots of problems, seen the latest comparison on gametrailers? Choppy slideshow Bottleneck 3 games all around where the 360 hits 60fps, the PS3 has troubles to reach 30fps. OUCH

felidae3971d ago

don't call people a cow if you're not better at all.

ok, his post is bs but do you have to comment on the same level?

you haven't told me what cha playin' ... what are your favorite games MART, and what games are you playing these days?

360Sheep3971d ago

haha marty, you looked at the tracks right, the screenshots.. if you actually think that a cloudy (rainy) day is anything like a night track.. you are very very stupid.

krackchap3971d ago

Xbots put your xbox at ebay and buy a top end PC ,since majority of your exclusives are going to come to the PC with extra content.gears,bioshock,PGR? halo3 will come and so will mass effect.

if you want a console with real exclusives buy the ps3 or the WII

power of Green 3971d ago

Why would people buy a PS3 to play these games?, they're MS exclusive the Devs already said its up to MS. I would'nt worry about it; for the most part the PC market is a different market with different types of Consumers.

How old are you?, you don't mind me asking I just want to avoid the like's of you. Go play your PS3 and stop worrying about the Xbox. Millions of people do not sit in front of their PC's playing games when they got Big ass HDTV's hooked up to their sound systems with enough room to have people over.

Like a shadow I am3971d ago

I was a PC gamer who DESPISE console gaming, and the ONLY reason why I become a console/Xbox gamer is because PC gaming is dying -- there just isn't enough good games for PC nowadays. Other than MMO, FPS and RTS, (none of which I like,) all other genres are either dead (like adventure game) have migrated over to console (like Western RPG and action-adventure.)

I am basically a refugee from PC gaming. If everything is on PC game, I will stay away from Xbox altogether.

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