Sony: PS3 Starter Pack is summer promotion

When the limited nature of Australia's PS3 Starter Pack was announced, it seemed strange. Why was Australia's limited while Europe's was not? At the time, SCEE said that unlike the Australian offer, Europe's Starter Pack "will continue for the foreseeable future". That was yesterday. Today? Different story. Responding to complaining customers, miffed they'd only just bought a PS3 before the Starter Pack came along, SCEE said

I was sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with regards to the launch of the PlayStation 3 Starter Pack. I would like to take this opportunity to stress that this is a summer promotion and that due to the nature of this offer it will end on a predetermined date.

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Bigmac5733968d ago

I mean, they couldn't have sold the 80gb SKU with two of the older titles forever. Everyone seems to think this is a big surprise but Sony actually told us this was a limited time deal when they first released it. They will most likely release a standalone 80GB SKU for $499 for the holidays.

MK_Red3968d ago

What happens when it ends? A true PAL price-drop or even a global one?

Alvadr3968d ago

Why didnt Sony just say that its promo from the start.. Like with the US price drop clearing 60GB SKU.

We PS3 fans want to love Sony so much and you just have to sometimes think, WTF are they playing at. Companies being companies I suppose.

There is a lot of love for the PS3 at the moment, its starting to really take off... but they should play their cards very very very carefully as customers dont like to feel like they are being screwed. Whether they are or not.

MACHone3968d ago

...say "limited edition" clearly on their boxes. That almost guarantees we'll see another SKU than the 80GB/MotorStorm bundles.