Rumor: Wii Update Adds Primitive Keyboard Support

Last night's Wii update added a bunch of new stuff. Some good. Some bad. And some unexplained, but still good. Sort of. Let Kotaku explain! Seems Nintendo have quietly added USB keyboard support for the Wii. Kotaku say quietly because first, it's unannounced, and second, because so far they've found it only works in the Shop Channel, Settings Menu and the Message Board, not the Internet Channel. Yet. But give 'em time, it's obviously something that's coming.

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ItsDubC3943d ago

Interesting, I might have to verify this for myself sometime. Maybe USB external storage is next? *fingers crossed*

r10003943d ago

May I ask why you would need this for the Wii?

WilliamRLBaker3943d ago

to god we get USB storage I need it so bad! im running out of space and channels!

as for that Why would we need a usb keyboard? do you know how Long it takes to type out stuff with the wiimote on the net channel? Half of my posting on this site is done on the wii, and IT takes me forever!!

PS360WII3943d ago

r1000 I've been asking for more memory for Wii for a good long time. That internal memory is good for those who don't get into the VC at all. I however love it and dl like crazy and I don't have any room left and continually need to copy games to my SD card delete game for the new one and then repeat when I want another one. Plus I may want to play a game I once deleted to make room for another so then I have to make room again search for the game and dl it again. That hassle should be unnecessary but without the ability to get into the SD card to play games or without the ability to have an external HDD I'm forced to put up with that. So yea external or SD card access would be very nice indeed ^^

But yea Keyboard use is a little more important than extra storage medium right now seeing that we are finally getting some online multi player games. We need some way to talk to each other eh?

PS360WII3943d ago

ah why we need a keyboard not why we need extra space...

all that typing for nothing... ah well least WilliamRLBaker knows how read better than me ;)

Yea keyboard would be very nice feature to have for the Wii.

cuco333943d ago

one of the reasons i was iffy on web browsing on my tv was the typing. it's 200times better than console controller but still nothing like a keyboard.

i'll wait for reviews after some time has been put in and newer products pop up

jigaman3943d ago

It does take time to type using the Wii-mote. I even switched to the text format to help speed things up. It helps but a keyboard would be better of course.

djt233943d ago

i dont really need a keyboard but it is good to see Nintendo doing something