Microsoft Clearing 360 Stock To Introduce HDMI, 65nm Models?

Citing an "insider source", the gang at Opposable Thumbs are claiming that Microsoft's recent price-cut is aimed at more than just converting PS2-owning Madden fans. It's also aimed at getting old models off the shelf before new, improved 360 Core and Premium models take their place. Ones that come with HDMI as standard, along with a 65nm chip.

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an_idiot3854d ago

I hope its true, then I can finally re-buy a 360.
But I thought the Halo 3 edition will have HDMI, so if these HDMI SKUs are 65nm. Then maybe just MAYBE, the Halo 3 SKU will have 65 nm also??

OR they are just using the halo 3 "limited" edition to get rid of all of their 90 nm CPU/GPU stock.

I sure hope its the former....

Vicar3854d ago

the BIGGEST weakness of the 360 is the breakage. And now MS is finally fixing that... I really see no downside to this system anymore! (save for some minor complaints similar to the 'no rumble' sht fanboys give ps3s)

WaggleLOL3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

"I really see no downside to this system anymore!"

Yep,...well...other than...

* The crappy online service that forces you to pay 50 dollars a year to play online

* The crappy old DVD drives that scratch/destroy your discs

* The ridiculously loud 12x DVD drives

* The gimped 7 gig storage format

* The retarded backwards compatibility

* The lack of dedicated servers for games even though you are being forced to pay by Microsoft

* The lack of standard harddrive forcing developers to gimp games to the lowest common denominator - the 360 Retard Pack

* The lack of standard next gen movie support - no BluRay - only a stupid, giant, and ugly 150 dollar or so add on for a dead format, HD-DVD

* Crappy graphics - too weak to handle 1080p in real games, first party 360 games are embarrassingly bad and look a whole generation behind PS3 first party game

* No Wifi standard

* Can't freely upgrade the harddrive, instead have to pay twice the price for only the one size Microsoft choses for you

Yeah, great system, other than those little quibbles...yep PS2 owners are gonna be flocking to such a great system!

jaehyt3854d ago

I would sure love to hear what games look so terrible on the 360, and what ones look so wonderful on the PS3. I know that Gears is going to PC, but I will put that up against ANYTHING on the PS3. And to touch on a few of your other points; Xbox Live is awesome, and well worth 50 a year for, especially compared to that crap you get for free with the PS3, and I totally agree with having the "CHOICE" whether or not to pay for High Def movie capability instead of having it forced on me to promote one format of disc over another, and lastly, most of the worth while games have been added to the backwards list now, with the exception of Riddick, and now an updated version is coming out anyway!!!

jaehyt3854d ago

I would sure love to hear what games look so terrible on the 360, and what ones look so wonderful on the PS3. I know that Gears is going to PC, but I will put that up against ANYTHING on the PS3. And to touch on a few of your other points; Xbox Live is awesome, and well worth 50 a year for, especially compared to that crap you get for free with the PS3, and I totally agree with having the "CHOICE" whether or not to pay for High Def movie capability instead of having it forced on me to promote one format of disc over another, and lastly, most of the worth while games have been added to the backwards list now, with the exception of Riddick, and now an updated version is coming out anyway!!!

Vertius3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

jaehyt - See: Heavenly Sword, Lair.
Home will incorporate many of the Live features for the PS3, except it shall be done in a 3D space, and the Blu-Ray drive future-proofs the console for all the High-Def content that shall be released in the future.

Don't get me wrong, the PS3 has disadvantages too. All the consoles do. I just hope that no one thinks, whether they support the 360, PS3 or Wii, they have a "perfect" console, as seems to be insinuated here.

jaehyt3854d ago

You are right, they all have their own pros and cons and I do not think the 360 is perfect, and as I have said before, if money was available, I would have both, but the 360 is awesome and I love it. I see why some people crack on no wi-fi, no hard drive, no High dev drive coming installed, but for a lot of people that would have been a VERY unnecessarry expense. I have all of those things, and didn't mind buying them, but having the choice felt good. And, I know Lair looks good so far, but noone has played it yet right???

BIadestarX3854d ago

@WaggleLOL - you are no gamer... you are just another freaken hardware specs junkie... in your stupid long post.. not one did you mentioned any games... kind of odd for a "Game Console" don't you think... it reminds me of certain people that like to brag about the hardware on their new PC... and when you ask them.. "so... what do you do with it..." they go... "uhh... ehh... ahhh...." sucker... paying a lot more for something that another product is currently doing better for less.... poor soul.... not go back to CNet or something... this is a "Video Game" site....

MewMew3854d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

I agree, LMFAO! These chump-a-lumps Xbots falls for Micro$hyts problems and stick with their low-quality console no matter how much M$ rip you people off for every ounce of money they can get out of you people. Yes, PS3 has true BC while X-3-turd-sixty has [email protected]$$ emu's as BC. Everyone knows Micro$hyts could've done the same BC by adding hardware, instead they choose to not give a damn about you Xbots by using crap-tastic emu's.

Its also funny they're lowering the price to get rid of the current ones that has the hardware problems you Xbots will buy instead of Micro$hyts replacing the fixes with the console units they already have.

Ahahaha! *Meeeooooooowwwwrrific!*

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HandsomeDante3854d ago

But what about the people who already have 360's? Are we suppose to send ours in so we can get the total package?

cookiemonster3854d ago

well you could always send your 360 to be serviced. Just say it red ringed and they'll put an extra heatsink in it.

_insane_cobra3854d ago

You got what you paid for, right? When you bought your 360, you bought what was in the box, not what was on Microsoft's drawing boards, and you obviously thought that was worth the asking price. Nobody owes you anything.

BLUR1113854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

umm every type of hardrive uses up space for menus and stuff just like a pc and xbox live being 50$ bucks for a year is not too bad that youre paying 4 bucks and some cents every month. do the math, retarded comment dude

Vojkan3854d ago

What happened with BS talk that HDMI is not needed?

power of Green 3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

HDMI still isn't needed lol. Soon my friend SOON.

I think Sony, MSFT and most other companies have to comply with-in a few years. (MS said HDMI is not needed to enjoy HD and do not have to use it by law. LOL fanboy.

bYkICr3854d ago

1080p cannot display via component. The hack is that to use HDMI technology MS must pay the license for that which drives the cost of the 360 higher. 1080i cannot do what 1080p can. if you want to enjoy real HD then HDMI is that answer. Always be open-mind for something better...don't be a fanboy because Bill Gate doesn't always right.

SlippyMadFrog3854d ago

I'm still waiting to see a title on PS3 with 1080p HDMI that owns Gears of War through 1080i component. I'm not flaming PS3, I'm just countering your statement 'cause if you look at the PS3, HDMI is clearly not needed. If you disagree, explain why.

jaehyt3854d ago

That is great! You laugh at Gears of War...what the HELL does PS3 have that comes remotely close to it??? And I noticed you didn't have any reply to my comments on #2 Waggle. Oh yeah, sorry for the double post.

bYkICr3854d ago

Since we are talking about enjoy HD it means movie also. I agree with you that none of currently games on PS3 can reach the level of GeOW now but maybe tomorrow (who thought that GOWII can look like that on PS2). If you look at the PS3, it's a multimedia machine...not just for gaming and I love it as a gaming machine and as a BLU-RAY player because movie look simple amazing. That's why it needs the HDMI. I'm glad that SONY lets me a chance to enjoy next-gen contents. Soon most game will be in 1080p (properly less than a year). Does it mean that I need to buy a machine which has HDMI or I buy one with HDMI now so I can enjoy it later? Right now I enjoy HD movie and I totally in love with it.
Don't mean to flame the 360 but MS didn't the bold to make decision when it comes to HD format. They did make a right decision but not bold. SONY has a branch MS doesn't in gaming business and SONY can get away with that. I do own a XBOX, a PS2, a PS3, a Wii and properly a 360 as well just for Halo, BioShock and MassEffect.
Let faces it. You have to choose, soon or later - one way or another. Just like last could choose DVD as in PS2 or CD as in DC. We all know what the answer is. Today BLU-RAY is better in term of storage than other optical format. Tomorrow there is another...Life goes on and we strike for something better.

WaggleLOL3854d ago

It is so pathetic to hear Xbots still trying to impress people with a turd of game like Gears of War.

Let's see, in order to give the Xbots their 'bald space marines in shiny armor game' on the Dreamcast 360 Epic had to:

1) Limit the number of characters enemies to around 3-8 at a time

2) Make the rooms or corridors you are in ridiculously tiny to limit the amount of geometry to a level the wimpy 360 graphics hardware can handle

3) Rip out the unified lighting engine that games like Doom 3 had years ago

4) Joke AA with foreground objects filled with jaggies

5) Limit the draw distance to usually no more than 30-50 feet and then blur out the backgrounds with a vaseline like effect to try to cover it up

And even with the absurd level of gimping Epic had to do just to get that joke of graphics detail, they still had to put out those silly marketing shots of the game with tons of AA and high rez textures and environments(you know the ones that we are all supposed to pretend are real in game shots...)

What is so pathetic about Gears of War is that it is supposed to be the pinnacle of 360 graphics.

So utterly sad that Dreamcast 360 owners desperately want to believe there is some magic power in their system when in reality it is just poorly designed mid range pc from a couple years ago.

No one but Xbots will ever be impressed with slapping 'teh bumpy shiny material' over everything in games. That was mildly cool five years ago and then everyone moved on. The fact that Microsoft and Xbox developers still think that they are impressing anyone with crap like Gears of War and Halo is so lame.

Fighter3854d ago

"MS said HDMI is not needed to enjoy HD and do not have to use it by law"

Then why are they deciding to implement it in all their models? Why are they ripping their old customers off. They said themselves that they don't need it yet they are now going to use it. Microsoft can not make their minds on what the 360 should be therefore they launched a rushed and flawed console.

Component cables come close but are not true HD and never will be. HDMI is the real deal if you want the full and proper HD details on your HDTV.

hella whip3854d ago

Lair looks just as good as Gears and thats 1080p.

SlippyMadFrog3854d ago

Thanks for your logical reply (unlike Waggle). The thing is that movies on the HD-DVD drive of the Xbox 360 probably looks amazing as well (I say probably because I don't own one but have heard of the quality). Your PS3 Blu-Ray movies will still look amazing on 1080p Component. If you can show me a game comparison of PS3 1080p HDMI vs Xbox360 1080p Component and the PS3 looks noticibly much better, then I would acknowledge that you where right and I'm wrong. The thing is you can't do that yet.
Maybe the reason why microsoft is including HDMI is for compatibility. Maybe future televisions will be manufactured with HDMI standard and no component.
The main point I'm trying to make is that HDMI is not paying off at the moment. It might in the future but not now.

bYkICr3854d ago

We can say that 1080i via component look good, 1080p via HDMI look better. That's the naken truth.
You buy a thing to use it atleast a couple of years. So even if HDMI is not utilizes now it will in the years to comes. Right at this very second HDMI is not needed for gaming but within a year it will. Are you willing to spend another 400$ or more for one with HDMI? or you just pick one today and enjoy it tomorrow also? I bought a NVIDIA 8800 GTX not just for playing today games but for tomorrow also. Same reason with the PS3 and its HDMI.
Personally I think Heavenly Sword and Lair are great looking games and Lair is 1080p. But properly not details as GeOW because it open enviroments and not dark and grizzle as GeOW. But the beauti lies in the eyes of the beholder.

ElementX3854d ago

MS said they continuously update their products; quieter drives, smaller CPUs, whatever. HDMI is just an improvement they believe people want. Now they can have it.

bYkICr3854d ago

Hail for that. Good for every new buyers of the 360 (including me as well when the time is right). Sorry for all those who own one already. To be success you need to be bold sometimes and MS doesn't have it at launch.

BLACKJACK VII3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Um, all you 1080p fanboys should read A/V forums & trusted & unbaised websites like Cnet for BluRay & 1080p analysis. Why not start with this article:

There is very little if any distingishable difference seen by *trained* Video experts viewing a 720p source vs. a 1080p source on the exact same Tv, sitting 4 feet away with a screen of 46" or less. If you have a 61" 1080p set, yes, there is a *small* difference, & you would need to sit within 5 feet to see it - but how many folks have a 61" 1080p set ? And if you did, why would you sit within even 10 feet of a 61" screen ? Not to mention NO MAJOR U.S. Broadcasting company broadcasts in 1080p. (i.e. CBS, NBC, ABC, ect.)

As far as component vs. HDMI on a *gaming console*, it is virtually identical. Period. Contrast, color saturation & gray scale would be much more important in a Tv purchase vs. the ability to do 1080p.

For the record, I have a 1080p 42" Samsung & my Xbox360 running component & my dvd player runs HDMI. HDMI *might* make a *slightly* better picture on DVD9 movies, although I can tell no difference with my dvd player or Xbox 360 set at 720p vs. 1080p, or component vs. HDMI - HD Tuners & HD dvd formats benefit more from HDMI. 720p is a BIG leap from 480p, but 1080p is marginal at best unless your Tv is the size of a motorcycle.

PS - if you Tv only runs 720p & 1080i, use 720p. "i" for Interlaced = Not good. And yes, component cables *CAN* run 1080p. Frankly, M$ was right: Gaming does not NEED HDMI or 1080p. They have added it to satisfy consumers in my opinion. The PS3, on the other hand, WILL benefit from HDMI simply because of BluRay - not GAMES.

CodeMonkey3853d ago

No one made fun of you for being gay. Stop turning things into a pitty party for the gay guy....its pathetic. Stop being racist too.

"Nigg3rs can't afford an xbox 360. They probably stole it haha"
You have been reported ElementX

ElementX3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

I never use that word, you've obviously made that up. Furthermore, as a security officer, i'm the only white guy in my building during my shift. If I hated black people I wouldn't be at the same job 5 years. I hang out with those people after work. I don't like the way you spread your lies and hate around at me. If you have a problem with me, for whatever reason, you don't have to follow me around the site and say you hate my face. That's just stupid.

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