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Top 10 games with the best music

When game music is exceptionally good and/or used especially well, PLAY loves it. So they've made a very personal top ten… (Beautiful Katamari, Katamari Forever, PS3, Retro, Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV, Xbox 360)

dark-hollow  +   1540d ago
SFIV menu song got stuck in my head :)
Quagmire  +   1540d ago

dont believe me? check here:

DelbertGrady  +   1540d ago
The Last Ninja 2.
dizzleK  +   1540d ago
dark void. meh game but incredible soundtrack.


the newest bionic commando also had great music.

Quagmire  +   1540d ago
I've played Bionic Commando. Seriously underated game. R.I.P Grin Studios. I demoed Dark void, and thought it was meh, but the Music you showed me, and Nolan North, is encouraging me to try the game out a bit more.
SuperMassiveGav  +   1540d ago
Dark Void
It takes way too long to get good, but it does eventually get good. But not great, just good.
Inside_out  +   1540d ago
Great Gaming soundtracks...
How can you forget the legend, the myth...Halo...when you here a Halo soundtrack, there is no denying who it's for...


Bionic Commando was a great surprise. There is a steep learning curve but once you get the hang of it, it was fantastic. Incredible looking game as well. The game is $9.99 these days.


Splinter Cell Conviction has some great music. I played some areas over and over again because of the great soundtrack. Great game as well, one of my favorites this gen. Here's a clip of the Airfield level. It features some great game play and music, especially at the end.


Alan Wake had a great soundtrack. Here's the infamous Anderson farm...this is AWESOME...better if you actually play it.


MW 2 has it all, great single player and multi-player. Sold 20++ million copies and featured the music of legendary composer Hans Zimmer. Epic in every way...


There are too many to mention but one of my favorites all time that never gets mentioned...Turok Evolution. Incredible soundtrack and I for one really enjoyed the game as well. Last gen game for those that don't know.

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LastDance  +   1540d ago
Pretty crappy list.

I guess it would be VERY hard to narrow down something like that to only 10 games.
lugia 4000  +   1540d ago
What about the Halo series?
crematory  +   1540d ago
resonance of fate
devilmaycry2020  +   1540d ago
Instant fail with no Castlevania.
And i am sure Metal Gear series has some great music and not to mention Secret of Mana series.
Acquiescence  +   1540d ago
Final Fantasy VII and Ristar...
have the greatest soundtracks I've heard in a video game. They're perfect; so evocative and memorable.
C L O U D  +   1540d ago
Guiles theme
Because, it really does go with everything.

downwardspiral  +   1540d ago
my favorite soundtrack was from castlevania sotn. It was pretty ace for its time, and it still is.
LevTrinXII  +   1540d ago
C'mon GTA Vice City has the best sound track ever. Hands down.
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sjeen66  +   1540d ago
nier have the best music i heard in decades
Theonik  +   1540d ago
Guilty Gear and BlazBlue.
antz1104  +   1540d ago
GOW, TF2,L4D2, and MegaMan 2!!!!

(I like sequels, lol)
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TooTall19  +   1540d ago
No Battletoads?!
list fail. Also, Tony Hawk 2 has a better soundtrack. I like the Katamari choice though.
Sagetech  +   1540d ago
Excuse me?
How could they forget the raw beauty of the Blazblue soundtrack?
Theonik  +   1540d ago
Agreed 100%!!!
It's criminal!
xino  +   1540d ago
failed list
no God of War 3!?

no Hitman 2!?

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