Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Ike's Finishing Move Revealed

Ike from the smash GBA series Fire Emblem has been confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. His finishing move "Aether" has now been detailed step by step. Ike throws his sword into the air, jumps to catch it, and then brings it smashing to the ground.

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vidoardes3908d ago

I saw this yesterday morning, but I didn't think it would be considered news worthy.

I guess I was wrong!

I can't wait for this game, my Wii has been a little underused as of late (although I do have Resi 4 on order which should give it some life). There are so few games availible here in the UK, this holiday season should start filling the gap (we still don't even have Paper Mario!)

MACHone3908d ago

This isn't Ike's "finishing move," despite what that site says. If anything, Ike's finisher would be his Final Smash, which hasn't been revealed yet. This is just his Up Special Move. Pretty shoddy editing on this article....

sumfood4u3908d ago

True Smash Brother players like us already know it's up smash to K.O. them foes but hit jump in the air down smash is awsome for when he throws his foe off the clift an he tries to return! I still like Roy burning Vigor Smash by simply holding the A button! Instant K.O.