Jaffe Opens Fan Floodgates For Twisted Metal Documentary

Remember David Jaffe's teaser post about an upcoming Twisted Metal Documentary? If not, the Eat, Sleep honcho revealed that the doc, planned for the Playstation 2 release of Twisted Metal: Head On will feature some lucky, articulate Playstation fans in video form. All participants have to do is answer a handful of questions about why you love Twisted Metal so much in camera, then upload your clip on youtube. It looks like all the details are still being worked out, but the questions participants need to answer are set in stone.

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ud3945d ago

Damnit!! we want Twisted Metal Ps3!!!

Ortiz833945d ago

for real. i'm tired of this blog crap. Just give us a new Twised Metal for the Ps3

MK_Red3945d ago

I'm still a bit disappointed that this Twisted Metal is for PS2 but hey, its a game from the man himself and they can get what they want from good old PS2 (God Of War).
I wish I could be in that game but I can't help...

s8anicslayer3945d ago

just bring twisted metal to the ps3, we don't need a ps2 documentory

gEnKiE3945d ago

Twisted Metal for PS3 would own!

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