Sony wants Home on PSP

Sony marketing man John Koller discusses plans to sync PS3's Home with the PSP. MMO addicts: it's time to cut up your Ethernet cables (and turn off you Wi-Fi), because Home is well and truly on the way - and it looks like Sony's trying to stick it on PSP as well.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3938d ago

that a GREAT idea, HOME would be even BETTER for on the go.

heavymetal3k3938d ago

That would probably get me to buy a psp.

StateOfRhodeisland3938d ago

shoot that sounds good to me, i be taking a long ass ride to work like everyday on the damn city buses so my psp would be right there wiht me every single day. BTW, does anyone know when Final Fantasy Core Crisis is coming out in the states? and what about God OF War for psp? those games are seriously gonna be worth the money i believe. WHat do you guys thinK? give me some answers...

PlayStation3603938d ago

but GoW:CoO should be out some time in November of this year. A demo disc will be released in September to the few who registered for it.

Deeloc3938d ago

they need to come out with the PSP2 first.because the psp right now is not that powerfull to run HOME on it. it's a good idea but not the psp

I Make Stuff Up3938d ago

What you talking about power?

Here, ill quote for you "and it looks like Sony's trying to stick it on PSP as well"

Stick it on. Get it? They talking about putting HOME stickers on the PSP, dummy.
What power you need for that? huh?

the worst3938d ago

just finish the ps3 ver first

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The story is too old to be commented.