1UP: Will Xbox 360 Games Require Hard Drives?

How times have changed. Box art proposals for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare with a "storage required" sticker and a recent story rumor mongering that upcoming Xbox 360 titles will specifically require gamers to own a hard drive have created a mess of confusion around Microsoft. The question is easy: will Xbox 360 games eventually require the user to own a hard drive?

Microsoft won't give anyone a straight answer.

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bung tickler3971d ago

they already do, final fantasy xi does.

bung tickler3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

well even then, i still don't see the big deal... i mean anyone who got a core KNEW they were buying the "cheap" version. they got it knowing it was missing stuff the premium/elite had. they got it knowing they couldn't save games unless they got a memory card/hdd. it wasn't like they got it home and when "oh my god there is no hdd! i was scammed! woe is me!"

that said, the core CAN play any game but you might have to buy a HDD in order to do so... big deal. it's like if you want to play two player, you need to get a second controller. so again, whats the big deal?

MK_Red3971d ago

Good point. I had completely forgotten about FF XI. So much for MS saying All 360 games are for all systems, denying HDD required games. They already have one! and soon with COD4 and possibly GTA4 "things will be different"... or not.

BIadestarX3971d ago

did you also know that the PS2 have Final fantasy XI which also requires a hard drive?.... which by the way.. anyone interested in the game paid for it? so, what the big deal? if a game requires a hard drive... people will buy it.. the same way.. they did with the PS2.

Why_So_Serious3971d ago

don't you think that it wasn't smart to put out a system without an hdd after making it a standard with the first xbox

i'm all for stickers on game that say "storage required" cuz i don't what my games being gimped for the minority of 360 owner that don't have a hard drives

BIadestarX3971d ago

That's never being the case.. games are not gimped... the same could be said about guitar hero.. or any other games.. that may require some sort of non-in the package device... take XBox live marketplace.. pretty much a hard drive is needed to download demos and games... is that messing up XBox live marketplace.. no.... the hard drive is just an addon... developers will do what they have to do and ask gamers to buy wherever they need... period... always being that way... if more room is needed.. multiple disks games will come out.. if controller requires the camera... well.. who ever use it will have to buy it...
heck. there is a new Halo theme xbox being released... for those that want one... most of you want microsoft to drop the core... because is cheap.. when instead what microsoft needs to do is drop the price of the 20GB hard drive to $50... and offer it as a package with any game that may need a hard drive.

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s8anicslayer3971d ago

people who have a core system just need to buy a hard drive

ud3971d ago

no flame intended, but didn't the xbox have a HDD included? or was there a version without it? if it was included, i take it as a step backward for next gen consoles. Everybody without a HDD is missing out on a LOT of important features (though it's probably a minority that owns the core 360)

Dr Pepper3971d ago

Yes, there is one in the original Xbox (only one version, none without it like the core 360). I have no idea why it isn't standard for the 360.

Sovannah Phum3971d ago

they wanted to be first to market, modeled their business plan like the ps2 because of it's success, also found a great way to rape gamers of cash, didn't anticipate the necessities of the "Next Gen", were under pressure to keep prices as low as possible for the consumer because that's what they thought would be the key to success.

Imalwaysright3971d ago

So you blame the consumers?? lol its not their fault is M$ fault to sell a Next Gen console without a HDD. Every core owner will be pissed if this turns out to be truth... i Know i would

bung tickler3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

they could have gotten the premium. it was their choice to get the core. the core was sold as a starting point. IT WAS MEANT TO BE UPGRADED. it even said it on the box, something like "upgrade at your own pace bla bla" so yeah, in a way, i blame the consumer. they shouldn't have bought the core if they didn't want to upgrade it in stages.

Kuest3971d ago

I think as the 360's life cycle increase, more and more games will become increasingly ambitious in size. Sooner or later, MS is going to have to lower the current HDD prices, and, at the very least, include a memory stick w/ the Core.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3971d ago

i complete agree.

w/ the HDDs at the price their at, their gonna have some PISSED customers. not to mention CORE owners.

I don`t understand why MS (of all companys) wouldn`t have a HDD system like ps3s.

The Wood3970d ago

you guys CAN agree on something, just kidding but the standard hdd was one of the xbox's core advantages. No future (next gen) console will come without a hdd as standard. All 360 owners wanna hope that games will come with a hdd needed sticker attached. This would allow the devs to get the more out of the 360 which cant be a bad thing for the majority of 360 owners that have hdds. Pity for the ones who dont but thats the choices they made, misinformed or not.

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