Sony Online Entertainment plans increased PSN support

Here's a surprise (sarcasm detectors should be ringing): SOE is going to increase their support for the PlayStation Network. What does this mean to us? That there is a very close relation between games Sony sends online and the PSN -- the two may someday converge into an awesome explosion of synergy. The beginning is hinted at when Smedley says The Agency and the DC Comics Game (it's not titled yet) are going to simultaneously hit the PC and PS3 -- perhaps some cross-platform play will occur, perhaps not.

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MK_Red3726d ago

This article mentioned DC universe... Where were Marvel & DC universe games during comic-con?

unsunghero283726d ago

Like "Nintendo intends to sell even more Wii's" or "Microsoft is still offering a three year warranty."

JeSsMaN3333726d ago

If Sony really wanted to "support the PSN more" they would do what this guy did . I love PS3 to death ... but the PSN has a lot more to be desired. I think it will with time, and the fact they do not want to live in X box's shadow forever ... but I just want it to be amazing now!! LOL

DEADEND3726d ago

I really think your right it has a long way to go but it'll get there with time.

s8anicslayer3726d ago

just need some damn psn games

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