Violent Playstation 3 Ad Banned

A Sony TV ad featuring a gun and knife-toting character has been banned for condoning or glamorising violence.

The commercial, featured on Yahoo and BT websites for the Playstation 3 console, features steely-eyed 'Kovac' holding a knife and a gun.

On-screen text read: "You on my side? listen up I've killed for less. The music plays Puccini in my head."

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xaphanze3783d ago

why are playstaion 3's ads so bad?

Fisher3393783d ago

sony has been making some weird ads lately

Instead of showing what the system can do, they make these weird ad's. Thier Advertising directer needs to be fired and replaced.

MK_Red3783d ago

They are really dumb. If this is violent then what the heck is Hostel 2? (I know Hostel 2 is not an add but the movie's trailer is ten times more violent and scary compared to this.)

Komrad3783d ago

is going to suck if we can't think for themselves, and advertising is taken literally. This makes mankind look fairly stupid. ka-ching lawyers. More disappointments ahead, I hope they know what they're actually banning.

JeSsMaN3333783d ago

This is ridiculous! Game adds get attacked and banned while movie ads keep getting worse and worse with more action-packed violence and sexual conotations in every new trailer. The only reason they stay on is because they probably shell more dollars to keep them on the air. When will this stop??!! I hate hearing things like this ... they bring me down as a gamer :(

Rooftrellen3783d ago

Horror movies are nothing but as much gore as someone can fit into 2 hours, and if you watch a commercial for one, it tries to showcase that most of the time. Cartoons are not generally seen as something adults watch, so 99.99% (made up number, but really, how many reallly violent cartoons are there?) of the time, violent movies involve real people.

So games must be at fault when a kid shoots off a gun, because it let him use his fingers to simulate killing pixilated people. That movie couldn't have done anything, though it had real people acting the parts!

It's an ad that was only displayed to people 18 years or older and sounds like something that could be in a PG movie. It sounds like this is just another reaction to the idea that games cause violence, not to how bad the ad really is. This is sad.

I can turn on the TV at 5 PM and see a comercial for a movie that shows blood all over, but a game can't have an internet ad for people only 18+ an just has a guy holding a knife and a gun.

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The story is too old to be commented.