GameSpot | Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Review

GameSpot writes: Traditional and fresh in all the right ways, this strategy sequel is an absolute joy for veterans and newcomers alike.

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Gago2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

I always like GS reviews over other like IGN

They actually take time to play the game throughly and give an in-depth review instead of scrambling to be the first ones to throw it out there

OhReginald2607d ago

ign is trash, they hand out 9.0s left and right.

evrfighter2607d ago

right IGN's grading scale seems to be 9 and up. If it gets an 8.8 its mediocre.

McLuvn2607d ago

can't wait for the story to end

"Spoiler alert"

death to the hybrid.
Kerigan FTW

BYE2607d ago

I hope this is good, it comes with the mail soon.

Never played the first one but I loved Warcraft III TFT so I'm confident this one will deliever.

skip2mylou2607d ago

how have you not played the first one!!!??? 12 years of support for SC1 and you never picked it up for 19.99 for SC1 battle chest?

BYE2607d ago

When I heard about Starcraft Brood War I was already into WCIII so I had no reason to backtrack a copy.

But who knows maybe if I like SCII I will get SC for historical reasons ;)