Will GTA4 Be Worth The Wait? Joystiq & Others Weight In

You're still not cheered, you can thrill as Kelly storms into the G4 studios and beats the intellectual bejeezus out of Rebecca Swanner, Senior Videogames Editor for Penthouse Magazine! ... And by "beats the intellectual bejeezus out of" we mean "politely disagrees with." Sorry for any confusion.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3971d ago


more time for a GREAT AAA dev. only can equal a better game than it would have been w/o a delay.

Basically, I`m GLAD its delayed.

MK_Red3971d ago

Agreed. Knowing that GTA4 can be much more polished and content filled is more than enough to justify the delay.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3971d ago

gamers/fanboys are/have become far to impatient.

i don`t mind them DELAYING it. more consoles, more people online, better gameplay mechanics,more polished.

saying NO to that to have it "quicker" is crazy.

take your time devs. thats how classic AAA title get created. red.

I also think DEvs. have become far to impatient as well, rushing games out before their "complete" like the DARKNESS or a million other games we could list off that could have been better if they just took a bit more time.

MK_Red3971d ago

Well spoken. There is nothing more to add aside the fact that you deserve bubbles, specially for bringing up Darkenss, a good game that could have been a classic if it wasn't rushed.

Thats why I'm praying that Fallout 3, Mortal Kombat 8 and Burnout Paradise (My top 3 most anticipated titles) all get enough time (Delayed if required for more polish) so they can be perfect. I also hope all the devs do the same. Assassin's Creed, GTA4, Heavenly Sword, Haze and Ratchet & Clank all need to be perfect. I didn't put Alan Wake and Bioshock because the first seems to getting enough time and the latter is already recieving GOTY level reviews.

Putting enough time into developement makes a game really special. And thats why Blizzard has made so few games and yet is so famous and successfull. They put more than 4 years into original StarCraft's developement!
I hope GTA4 is a much better than GTA:SA that GTA3 was compared to GTA2.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3971d ago

i hope GTA is miles beyond GTA:SA, like GTA3 was to GTA2.

well let wait 8+ months and find out. lol.

also, theres more than enough to play during that time.

s8anicslayer3971d ago

of course it will, what a stupid question!

sumfood4u3971d ago

Umm is that even a real question? Also Final Fantasy 13 an Vs is worth the wait, I got til 2009 to play it but I'm happy when it gets released. Means more time to replay old PS2 RPG I never had time to play! GTA will definantly be Worth it's wait in Gold, I never heard anyone every say that a GTA sucked, an don't think I ever will.

genix133971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

GTA sucked... LOL just kidding.

I really do hope that the delay helps them polish the game to make it better than it probably already is.

Fighter3971d ago

If the PS3 was responsible for the delay then I'm quite glad because Rockstar will put in a lot more effort to make it look really good and not some cheap-ass port of the 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.